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Worcestershire Paranormal Investigations

A site that I hope will soon become the go to place for all things of a Paranormal, Supernatural and Fortean  nature, especially paranormal investigations in the central England area. If investigating ghosts, spirits and phantoms is your thing you’ll find it all here, from our own investigations, to local, national and international stories and reports, and as we go along we’ll add Ufology and Cryptozoology  and anything else that falls into the above areas as time and circumstances allow….Meanwhile, enjoy what we have to offer and don’t be a stranger, come back soon!!!


I call this little gem “The Battlefield Ghost or Spirit”. I apologise in advance for not saying exactly where this shot was captured but I want to take a Worcestershire Paranormal team back there at some point in the near future. To the best of my knowledge no one else knows of this particular apparition.


This particular spirit or ghost  is difficult to see and but this was taken with a 3mega-pixel camera some years ago at the Ancient Ram Inn at Wooton-Under-Edge, in pitch darkness. It looks like a young girl wearing some kind of headdress. I call this one “The sacrifice” because to me, that’s what it looks and feels like.


I caught this orb in the catacombs of Worcester cathedral on a cold, wet and dark November afternoon. Orbs are a subject of controversy to say the least. They can be caused by camera flash bouncing off small insects, droplets of water and dust too, which, gives a “false positive”.

Below is a video comprised of ghost photographs, some are quite convincing but some look blatantly photshopped and others seem to be false positives, like the first “ghost” picture that looks like nothing more than the reflection of someone sitting opposite the television. Deliberate deception is something we need to be aware of during paranormal investigations.

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