About Worcestershire Paranormal Investigations

Worcestershire Paranormal investigations, founded on 18th of April 2015, is the brain child of Marcus Gardner and was born from the intolerable frustrations brought about by watching well equipped, intelligent people on numerous paranormal shows doing a particularly poor job of investigating and documenting paranormal phenomena.

Worcestershire Paranormal investigations is (and will remain) a small group of paranormal investigators and ghost hunters dedicated to doing the best job possible investigating, documenting and (where it is possible to do so) proving to the best of our abilities, the existence of spirits, ghosts and other paranormal phenomena whilst debunking inaccurate or fraudulent claims related to paranormal activity.

Worcestershire Paranormal investigations is based 14 Cropthorne House, Burcot Lane, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire B60 1AH with members also based in nearby Redditch. Although our primary focus will be on Worcestershire, we will also be thoroughly researching and investigating some of the more famous reputedly paranormal sites in the rest of England, Scotland, and Wales as time and finances permit. As well as seeking out so far undiscovered and un-investigated sites.

It is our intention to revisit any targeted site as many times as is necessary in order to establish the nature of any suspected activity, collate the data and publish the data as one investigation with the dates of each part of the investigation clearly defined, the hope that others will adopt and help refine our methods and strategies. Nobody knows it all, show me an expert in the field of paranormal investigation and I’ll show you a fake.

The really frustrating thing about the points I made above is that new paranormal groups tend to model themselves on what they have seen on the television, and so the cycle of poor methods and documentation continues unabated. If you are considering starting a ghost hunting group, stop and think of exactly what it is you are trying to achieve and the best ways of going about it.

One of the reasons that the field of paranormal investigation, especially investigations into spiritual matters (ghost,spirits, and other entities) is out in the scientific cold is because of the poor methodologies employed by investigators.

O.K rant over! I’ll continue to spread my message and hope that others see the sense it what I’m saying.

Marcus Gardner

Founder: Worcestershire Paranormal Investigations.