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Demonology 101 – A Magician’s Point of View

Below are cleaned up excerpts from each of the Demonology 101 video narratives. I have included these to demonstrate (demon-strate:D) the differing beliefs about demons and demonology.

I have to admit to finding this particular example of demonology fascinating, after all, the mainstream religions demonise anything and everything that defies their particular doctrines, so who is to say that she is wrong?

“For centuries on end there have been a lot of misconceptions about demons, how they operate, what they look like and how they treat and interact with human beings.

All of these preconceived notions and ideas that people have about demons and demonology are negative, demons are considered to be evil creatures that work for the Christian devil and that their sole purpose is to tempt people in moral decline forcing or encouraging them to do things that are against God including trying to persuade people to give up on their faith and turn to the devil. There is also a misconception that demons are ordered and required to do this, and that they enjoy possessing people against their will, forcing them to become a sinners and lose their faith in God.

Something else that needs to be borne in mind is that demons can’t possess a human being without that human beings specific consent and agreement, frequently involving some kind of pact, and that it is evil spirits on demos who are responsible.

“Take your energy and focus it, build it up into a giant ball of energy and eventually, released out into the world to act as your servitor it will be a form of you just floating free in the world and it will do things for you.”

“Usually if you are working with deceased spirits doing any kind of necromancy a lot of the times the room will get colder.” [To those not in the know, this is known as Astral Chill]

 “All demons have positive aspects and they will show these aspects of their personalities to anyone who is courageous enough to evoke and interact with them and to those who approach them with a neutral attitude.”

None of this is even partially true. Evil [The word evil Old English yfel, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch euvel and German Übel.] is a label that in this case humans have misapplied. If you think about it there really is no such thing as good and evil, they are just concepts that we created to describe things that we perceive to be good or bad. [I, like most people would, disagree with this statement]

If it suits their circumstances people will try to use demons and devils as scapegoats, they will commit the most horrible [evil?] crimes doing something truly awful that that has nothing to do with religion, demons or demonology and use the excuses “the devil made me do it” or “I was possessed demonically I couldn’t stop myself” or “ but it wasn’t my fault it was out of my control”. [There are those who would make the argument that this is exactly how evil spirits, demons and devils work.]

Bad people have been using religion, the devil and demonology for millennia to make excuses for atrocities they have committed, because they lack the courage to confess due to the penalties they would face.”

“If you need your life stripped down and rebuilt because you’re suffering here and you want spirit to help pull you out of it, make a pact.”

“The Christian devil is just an egregore or thought-form that was created because so many people were forced to believe in it, he came into existence because it is possible to think any entity into existence just by having enough people (or one person) put enough thought (conscious or unconscious, willing or enforced) into whatever it is being believed in.” [Now that is a statement I wholeheartedly agree with!]

“If you had all the secrets to the universe revealed to you by the time you’re twenty five or thirty years old, what would you possibly have to look forward to? I imagine a lot of people would end up committing suicide if they suddenly had all that.” [Another statement I would have to agree with!]

“Do spirits have favorites? Do they pick and choose who they want to work with? The answer is yes, and before I elaborate on that I wanted to explain that many of you are simply unaware of how much like humans these spirits can be.”

“Work your way up developing your astral senses and you can get to the point where you don’t need circles or enhancements you can already perceive and communicate with them.” [You start this process by opening your third eye]


We are aware that these videos may be controversial but feel that it would be remiss of us in not including all potentially valid viewpoints. With this in mind we would like to point out at this juncture that these videos in no way reflect the opinions or beliefs of Worcestershire Paranormal Investigations or any of its members, and that videos containing yet other beliefs pertaining to demonology will be published in due course

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