Dowsing Basics

Technology has shaped the way we explore and document paranormal phenomena however before technology came people relied upon different methods.

Dowsing (otherwise known as water witching or divining) was commonly used to source many things including missing people, unmarked burial sites, metals, gemstone and wells containing water and is still being used globally today.

It relies on the human body’s interpretations of the environment as it senses magnetic and electrical energy and subconsciously creates the user to move the dowsing rods or pendulums as if in response to the information being asked, It is commonly called the ideomotor effect and cannot be scientifically proved to be correct as the human subconscious mind manipulates the objects.

Dowsing Using a Branch

You will need a Y shaped branch, preferably from a Hazel or Willow tree as it is believed to be more porous and attracted to the vapours from metal and water.

One person needs to hold the two ends of the Y branch in front of them, the longer end of the branch is said to point towards the source seemingly as if the branch is absorbing the vapours and is being weighed down by it. Try this method in the dowsing card experiment detailed below.

Dowsing Using Rods

You will need two pieces of wire bent into an L shape, preferably brass as some people believe their successful results are linked to using this metal.

One person needs to hold the smaller ends of the L shaped wire, one in each hand ensuring they are parallel with the ground.

When a question is asked the wires will swing and cross each other. Try this method in the dowsing card experiment detailed below.

Dowsing Card Experiment Using a Branch or Rods

Place the numbered cards (1 to 5 faced up) in a line, ensuring there is about ½ meter (1-2ft) distance between each individual card. Ensure that you are feeling relaxed before continuing (a few moments of meditation may help) whilst the ideomotor effect takes effect.

Standing away from the cards, hold the dowsing rod as detailed above, close your eyes and say one of the numbered cards out loud ensuring you visualise it. After a few moments have passed open your eyes and walk slowly towards the cards holding the dowsing rods over the cards. Has the dowsing rods reacted to your card?

You can test this again by shuffling the cards and turning them face down to really test the effectiveness of this method.

Don’t be disheartened by the dowsing method if you get the wrong result. Ensuring you are relaxed enough and are using the rods correctly can work wonders. However, not all people are successful with this method and may not be the right person for the job of dowsing as they may not be psychically able.