Ghost Hunt or Paranormal Investigation?

A paranormal investigation is and inquiry into phenomena that has been reported at any given site.

A ghost hunt is going to location and looking for Paranormal Phenomena without any reports of phenomena at the location involved.

At the time of writing we have at least three investigations on the books. One of these is in a shop in Redditch Worcestershire and will probably be our first as a group and also a training exercise for our inexperienced members.

The results of this investigation will in all probability be published in full, pending permission of the organisation involved.

The second investigation is for a private client in Gloucestershire, and although the details of any phenomena will be published, anything that may risk the exposure of the client to unwelcome publicity will not be included in any report published online.

The first two items above fall into the paranormal investigation category because in both cases suspected phenomena have been reported to us.

Our third investigation is into a cemetery in a local town where I and certain other people have had odd experiences, taken strange photographs, (a red mist) and have had inexplicable readings or events with equipment, this includes the failure of the two way radios on one band, only for it to clear up minutes later.

As no one has actually reported any phenomena there, perhaps this falls under the heading ghost hunt.

A possible fourth outing is to a battle ground I went to years ago, saw a full body apparition and caught a photograph of it. Again, no phenomena has actually been reported from this site and so again this is probably more a ghost hunt than a parnormal investigation.

Watch this space for future reports.