Sure, everybody watched a TV show about ghosts every now and then. In fact, it seems obligatory for every TV network to come up with its own supernatural themed programs. And many of them have turned out quite alike that you can’t tell them apart aside from their titles.

So what does Ghost Whisperer offer that has not yet been done on other TV shows? Luckily, there is still many. And the best thing about the show is, rather than doing the usual scare tactics that many shows of this type usually employ. This makes the show more interesting and engaging.

Ghost Whisperer centers around the life of Melinda Gordon, played by the stunning Jennifer Love Hewitt, who has the ability to see spirits. She works as a paranormal investigator to help the ghosts that contact her complete their unfulfilled missions. Each episode has Melinda solve the mystery surrounding a ghost’s present and help her cross to the afterlife. Each season also features an overarching story about how Melinda deals with her powers while trying to live a normal life. She also meets other people who show differing views about her abilities, some supporting her, while others shun her.

What makes the series great is that, as said above, instead of focusing on the scary aspects of the genre, it goes for the mystery surrounding the characters. Thus, instead of holding your pillow for cover, you would actually be glued to your screen, trying to figure out the nature of the spirits. You will also definitely tune in as the series progresses and more of Melinda’s background is revealed.

Another interesting aspect of the show is its philosophical view. Instead of simply portraying ghosts as malevolent and evil beings, the show present the topic in an entirely different manner, that of lost souls in need of help. This deviates from the more stereotypical ones seen in most TV series. This also adds more depth to the show as it allows more character build up than what is usually seen. Also, instead of being to preachy about heaven and everything, the series’ view on the topic of heaven is more realistic and enlightening to viewers, which add to the show’s over-all message.

Hewitt also gives a top notch performance in her portrayal of the character of Melinda. She convincingly presents Melinda’s troubles and views about her abilities. She also definitely deserves a thumbs up in her good acting, which adds more to the appeal of the character.

And since this is a series about ghosts, there should be some. The series’ visual; and special effects are truly awesome, such that the scenes will definitely give you the scare of your life. This aspect definitely completes the series and make it more than worthwhile as a good evening watch.