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Paranormal Phenomena

A Quick Paranormal  Guide

Below is a list of phenomena not included in the first tutorial, it should be borne in mind that some of the phenomena described can also be attributed to various forms of mental health disorder such as depression and schizophrenia, as well as individual and group hysteria.

This list is highly like to grow and change over time as more information becomes available.

Shadow People 

Also known as Shadow Folk, or Shadow Beings, are usually attracted to one person or location for unknown reasons. Often they are seen as dark silhouettes of human-shape, generally male, that prefer to watch someone unseen and flee the moment they are noticed. Still this doesn’t always fit the experience. While some people distinctly see a shadowy human form others have described shapeless wispy black blobs and swirling columns of dark smoke. The characteristics of shadow people range from shy and retiring to downright malevolent.

Crisis Ghost

These tend to be a loved one or relative, they appear to you in a time of crisis, there have been reports that the ghost of a loved one appearing to you before or shortly after they died, it is widely believed that this is the subconscious spirit trying to alert you of what has or what is about to happen to them.

Entity Haunting

A Haunting caused by a non-human intelligence, a more common name for these entities is Demon. Most instances of entity haunting are reported to be accompanied by extremely malevolent and violent phenomena, this type of activity is extremely rare. Although basic cleansings have been known to help in these situations, experienced help should be sought where this method fails.


Spirit oppression is said to have occurred when a spirit is able (or has been able) to temporarily take over the mental and physical functions of a living person or have a significant effect on the normal habits and behaviours of an affected individual. This can be a precursor to full possession. Symptoms are wide ranging and said to range from sudden mood swings to complete changes of personality.

Spirit Possession

Spirit possession can be a voluntary displacement of the personality normally used by Mediums. The spirits are invited to enter a human person to educate, communicate with the living, or just for help in passing them over to the next realm.


Attachment occurs when an earthbound spirit becomes interested in a living person and then begins to spend time with their chosen person. At some period after the initial interest has been sparked, the spirit becomes emotionally attached to the individual concerned.

In most cases attached spirits don’t have any ill-will and they don’t mean to harm the person. It’s almost always just that the spirit had some connection to the person, either emotionally, similar life-experiences, or the spirit could have known the person in life or even a past life.

Demonic Possession

A person afflicted by demonic possession is said to suffer a complete takeover by a spirit/demonic entity. The entity will dominate the victim so that the difference between the person and the entity can no longer be discerned. True signs of possession are said to be displays of superhuman strength, often accompanied by fits and convulsions; changes in personality; having knowledge of the future or other secret information; and being able to understand and converse in languages not previously known to the affected person.

Black Mist/Shadow

(See Shadow People)

Black Mist is thought to be common in ghost hotspots, and feed off of the anger and fear of the living in its immediate environment, it is also reputed to cause anger, fear, and violence in any other ghosts or spirits in its immediate sphere of influence, and feed of the negative energies produced.

Reported encounters suggest a lack of personality, limited intelligence, and little will, it is said by some to be the essence of evil. It is believed to be passive and slow moving, although there have not been any reports of attacks, contact with it is thought to cause illness possibly resulting in oppression. Some investigators include this phenomena in the Shadow People category. Because there is so much debate and indecision about the nature of Shadow people here we have separated the two listing them as separate phenomena.


Orbs are opaque light anomalies that have been linked to paranormal phenomena. Orbs can be of any shape or colour, but are usually off white, and roughly circular. They can appear as a clear sharp image or vague and indistinct. They have been captured via digital photography and night shot camcorders in isolation and in groups since the mid 1990’s.


Ectoplasm is a term coined by Charles Richet to denote a substance or spiritual energy “exteriorized” by physical mediums. Ectoplasm is said to be associated with the formation of spirits and asserted to be an enabling factor in psycho kinesis


For our purposes, a haunting is paranormal activity that recurs or reappears continually possibly having a disquieting or harmful effect on the immediate environment, and / or its inhabitants.


The soul or spirit of a decease person or animal, or residual energy that is, or that becomes visible to the living.


The doppelganger is a seemingly tangible double of a living person it has the reputation of representing evil.

Bilocation & Multilocation

Bilocation and multilocation are terms used to describe instances in which an individual or object is said to be, or appears to be, located in two distinct places at the same point in time

Psychokinesis & Telekinesis

Psychokinesis or Telekinesis is the movement of objects, apparently caused by forces as yet unknown to science. Believed to be direct action of mind on matter it is the parapsychologists’ current candidate as the energy used by entities in cases where poltergeist phenomena are experienced.


The German for “noisy Spirit”, this phenomenon is usually associated with prepubescent children – frequently girls. It is thought by some investigators that physical activity is caused by Psycho kinetic energy generated by the children and is often accompanied by what appears to be spirit activity.

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena)

Voices (believed to be those of the dead) captured on electronic equipment such as a digital voice recorder, when no voice was heard at the time the recording was made.

ASP (Anomalous Sound Phenomena)

Similar to EVP, but the sound referred to covers everything except voices. For instance one of our ‘EVPs’ is actually a loud metallic clang.

Physical Phenomena

This category is intended to cover phenomena that have an actual physical effect of some kind on the observer. The sensation of being touched, scratched, the onset of sudden sickness etc.

Auditory Phenomena

Not to be confused with EVP or ASP, this phenomenon is clearly audible to investigators at the time of recording. This includes ALL AUDIBLE sound phenomena.

Remember! There are no hard and fast rules when dealing with paranormal phenomena!