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The Shadow People Phenomenon

Although we could go into all of the kinds of manifestations of shadow people we really do not have the room in just one article, we’d need a book! So we’ll stick to general facts and the one most reported kind of shadow being, ask some questions and make some suggestions and include the observations of witnesses.

Many people globally, have provided descriptions of dense, black, shadowy masses that appear to have either a basic human shape, or a very distinct human shape. Because of the great quantity of these reports this phenomenon is now known as a Shadow Being or Shadow Person.

What are shadow beings? the general lore pertaining to them suggest they range from dense, black, shadowy masses to apparitions that take on the semblance of the human form. Sometimes described as Jet black manifestations with yellow or red eyes that are darker than the darkness that surrounds them. Witnesses state that they seem to move very quickly from place to place almost as if dancing. These shadowy apparitions sometimes appear to be almost solid, or like dense smoke or dark vapour.

A common perception of them is as masculine figures wearing distinctive hats, or as vague figures that linger in the dark, appear at the foot of the bed at night, or as silhouettes that seem to appear at the end of corridors or in unexpected places.

There are various kinds of Shadow People that have been witnessed, but one in particular that has been reported frequently worldwide. This apparition is described as a masculine silhouette taller than the average man, with no distinguishing features. On other rarer occasions vague facial features have been seen, and on even rarer occasions still frightening red or yellow eyes have been reported.

This one type of shadow being has been observed in bedrooms, corridors, and unexpected areas, by young and old, male and female, by animals, (most notably cats and dogs), by individuals and by groups of people. This particular shadow being is now known as The Hat Man, a moniker earned just because of the huge number of sightings reported globally.

Shadow people are reported in many different kinds of location all over the world, including outside spaces such as meadows, woods and cemeteries. As well as historic buildings, public buildings and homes. Just like other paranormal phenomena they appear suddenly and disappear just as suddenly.

A Manifestation can start as a shadow on any surface such as the floor. It then appears as a three dimensional black mass in three dimensional physical space. This typical shadow being manifestation has been witnessed in worldwide and paranormal investigators often give explicit reports for this kind of sighting.

The reactions of people observing this phenomenon are reported as being instant inexplicable fear, an oppressive feeling of presence, and feeling of being watched by something evil and hostile.

Below are three witness statements from The Official Shadow People Archives sadly many of them are anonymous.

” I started seeing this dark figure approach me. It was kind of a silhouette. I didn’t notice until later that it was kind of like smoke. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. At one point it was right it front of me, I couldn’t move. All I could think of at the time was to start praying. I noticed that as soon as I started praying it started moving back. Then I stopped. It started coming forward again, I started praying again, and again it began to move backwards. ­- If anyone has any questions feel free to email me at mth4943@yahoo.com “

” I very rarely wake up in the middle of the night but this one night I woke up and looked toward my door. I thought I saw someone standing in the corner behind my door watching me, but all I could see was a shadowy outline. As I squinted to see what it really was it started moving towards me. The only features I could see were very dim yellowish eyes. It gave me chills and it felt evil and angry. I put my covers over my head hoping it would go away. Then I felt it sit down on my bed next to me, just as if a regular person had sat down. My face was in my pillow now and it grabbed my neck and squeezed it tighter and tighter until it started to hurt a lot. I told it in my head to go away. Then it let go and stood up off the bed. When I uncovered my head it was gone. – anonymous “

“Normally, the street lights filter in through the blinds and slightly illuminate the room. But instead, I saw an area of pitch-black that was hovering above the floor, as if it was waiting for something, blocking out the light. It was not a definite shape other than a “blob-like mass”. – Dale”

Multiple experiences have been reported on some occasions some of them starting in childhood and continuing through to their current adult ages. Some of these cases are so traumatising that a constant fear of re-visitation plagues some of these people.

There exist many hypothesis on shadow the being phenomena and as in the case of ghosts and spirits shadow people don’t fit into a single category, however they do appear to share similar features a typical haunting phenomenon but the visual element is very different.

So is the shadow being black and insubstantial in appearance because of its inability to use EM fields, and other existing energies to manifest as a full bodied apparition? if so how do we explain the instances of glowing red or yellow eyes? And the more solid looking shadow beings?

One suggestion is that they may be ghosts that that have run down over time, much like the effect a draining flashlight battery has on the light emitted, but the common perception of that particular phenomenon is that they fade “as is” and do not change into a visually clearer black mass.

Yet another idea is that a shadow being is just a thought form, a number of telepathic transmissions from living people that pool in an area and persist as a residual energy. that are experienced by sensitive people or non-sensitive people who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The issue with this suggestion is that shadow people seem to be aware of humans, where an unconscious telepathic sending would not.

Another hypothesis is that shadow people are from another reality or dimension who have been sent to study humanity, and that somehow they become visible to people in this reality or dimension. This particular hypothesis has also been applied to extraterrestrial visitation, only in this case no loss of time has so far been reported.

Other explanations cover astral projections, time travellers, earthbound souls and even demons. Whatever they are or are not, I believe that with so many disturbing reports having been made about them and the unfortunate effects that their presence inevitably seems to have on the human psyche, any investigator faced with this particular type of phenomena should proceed with extreme caution and never investigate alone.

Do you have an hypothesis on what shadow people are? If so email me using the contact form.

But before you do,let’s hear what Dr. Stephen Hawking has to say about a possible shadow universe and shadow people.