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Varieties of Ghosts
A Different Paranormal Perspective

After some years of investigating ghosts and also those who observe them, the locations they are seen, as well as the circumstances under which they may be seen, there’s just one factor I’m completely sure of, and that’s that there presently exist numerous kinds of ghosts, and that sometimes these types coincide with other types of phenomena and that you will find combined hauntings in which the active influence may not be simply classified.

Atmospheric Apparitions

Considerable evidence exists, from just about all over the world, over hundreds of years, to advocate that specific events, often though not always unpleasant happenings, once in a while imprint energies within or upon an atmosphere of general vicinity at which the event took place.

Perhaps weather conditions during the time played a part in causing this bizarre occurrence, perhaps the company of a specific kind of individual is required, or even that these kinds of happenings continue as light waves, impressed and resonating for countless years, potentially permanently, being sensed or observed or perhaps encountered by a few people that are undoubtedly find themselves in the right (or perhaps wrong) place at the time.

It has been observed that these ghost impressions are generally not reported in any high wind conditions; such phenomena could possibly be classed Atmospheric Apparitions.

Perhaps it is that on exceptional and infrequent periods an especially violent, emotional or shocking happening emits an electrical imprint that remains, and it has been pointed out that these kinds of ghosts are invariably observed in the same location, performing the exact same thing, typically, they appear utterly unaware of the existence of humans, and whenever they’ve been approached; thus (in all probability) changing the perspective needed for viewing them, they just vanish.

These kinds of ghosts or perhaps mind impression phenomena could possibly be subconsciously fuelled by folks witnessing them, from the decreased heat level that people who observe these kinds of apparitions pretty much inevitably encounter or by a combination of both.

Frequently these visible ghosts can be coupled with appropriate noises: footsteps, the sound of clothes, the clank of chains, and more.

Fascinatingly these kinds of ghosts finally diminish, commonly appearing misty or translucent before finally vanishing entirely, and yet many times the noises associated with the spectre remains a number of years before it too becomes diminished and eventually stops.

In certain cases these ghostly phenomena create a very noticeable large-scale replay, for instance a ghostly army enacting an historical battle or soldiers on the march.

Commonly they have a tendency for becoming less noticeable and finally vanish completely over time, much like a power cell slowly draining.

Modern Ghostly Phenomena

It’s really a common yet false impression that all ghosts are misty grey females or even shadowy monks of centuries past; there are many modern ghosts and ghosts of modern people and present-day occurrences.

For years a ghost bus had been seen in Northern Kensington and numerous crashes had been reportedly caused by other road users swerving to avoid the racing bus, hours after regular buses had ceased to run, only to find this brightly lit bus had entirely disappeared.

After one deadly crash (many state there were a number of) the dangerous corner on the junction of Saint Mark’s Road and Cambridge Gardens was structurally modified and afterwards the ghost bus was never witnessed again.

During December of nineteen seventy two an Eastern Tri-Star, Airline flight 401, crashed in a swamp in Florida, wiping out one hundred and one men and women and children.

According to records the spirits of the pilot Bob Loft and his flight engineer Don Repo had been witnessed on in excess of twenty times after the fatal accident.

They were allegedly observed by crew members on various other planes of the same airline, particularly it appeared when those other planes included components from the crashed aircraft which had been salvaged.

The ghosts were being seen by female and male air crew whom just about all stated the figures had been lifelike; a few of the witnesses had known the deceased men and identified them, others identified them later on from photos. When an account of the ghostly phenomena was published in the airline news sheet John Fuller made a comprehensive investigation of the case and produced a mass of testimony which seemed to determine the legitimacy of this contemporary ghost.

Ghosts of Living People

Prince Rupert headed his cavalry into the first significant combat associated with the English Civil War at Edgehill in Sixteen Forty-two.

For many months afterwards people young and old reported to observe the ghostly re-enactment of the battle, and amongst those noted to take part was Prince Rupert himself – however Prince Rupert was still living at that time.

There are many these kinds of scenarios: folks passing a friend whilst out and about and later discovering that at the time this person was unquestionably somewhere else; people awakening abruptly and witnessing the distinctive figure of somebody they know well enough to recognize merely to discover that this particular person had been at the, time a long way away.

Deathbed Visitations and Crisis Apparitions

These ghostly appearances transpire soon after or at the death of a person, or during a period of significant stress or trauma and don’t appear to be connected with any specific location or occurrence.

These ghosts are quite common but they are of short duration and seldom manifest in excess of a week following the death or health crisis of the individual observed.

Perhaps the most common example is of a woman in America who had a son living in England.

Suddenly (day or night) the son would become conscious of the apparition of his mother standing silently observing him, and consequently it will be demonstrated that either the mother reached a crisis of health or that she had passed on, either at the time her apparition was seen, shortly before (if a death bed vision), or after the apparition is witnessed.

This kind of appearance was common place during time of war when sons and husbands were seen by their wives and mothers who later discovered that their loved one had been killed at the moment they had appeared to their spouses and mothers.

In all probability these ghosts are telepathic projections. At a time of intense psychological stress anyone is probably going to be thinking with significant emotional intensity of a particular loved one and, in picturing this loved one, it could be that they can telepathically send out an image of themselves to the one they have in mind.

Old Family Ghosts

This is a type of ghost which, is attached to particular households; their intention appears to be to warn family members about their impending demise.

In general they appear to be more prevalent around Scotland than anywhere else, whilst the Banshee (a wailing or howling sound that signifies a family death) is exclusive to those people descended from some ancestral Irish families.

Maybe the fascinating family spirits connected with the Pomeroy’s as well as the Townshend’s happen to be amongst the best-known UK instances, occurring at Berry Pomeroy Castle in Devon and Raynham Hall in Norfolk correspondingly.

The former seems to have its origins in a violent killing, but in the case of the latter, the famous Brown Lady, there is no clear narrative to account for this ancestral phantom.

It was allegedly observed by, amongst many others, King George IV and Captain Marryat. Some people consider the ghost is that of Lady Dorothy Walpole, the second wife of Charles, the second Marquess of Townshend, and that this lady met a brutal death on a staircase where her spirit has recently been witnessed and photographed.

Scottish family ghosts include the Airlie Drummer, the Hamilton household White Lady, the Carnegie,s Green Lady and the Burnett’s of Crathes who also have a Green Lady connected to Crathes Castle, observed on one occasion by Queen Victoria.

Then of course there’s the Lyon family located at Glamis Castle, the Gordons from Fyvie Castle, and many more.

Family spirits form other nations include the White Lady of the Hohenzollerns; the Black Lady of Darmstadt who haunts the ex-Grand Ducal Residence of Hesse; the Bernadotte’s of Sweden with their phantom old woman; as well as the wraith or double whose manifestation foretold the death of one of the Romanoff’s, the Imperial Family of Russia.

Historical or Traditional Ghosts

All of these are typically attached to historic houses in which uninterrupted occupation of the building for a great number of years seems to help to perpetuate the ghostly figures that are accepted as the forms of actual men and women that once resided there.

These kinds of ghostly forms move or seem to float through rooms as well as passages that will have been well known to these individuals in their lives.

They seem to be to appear solid, apparently dressed in the actual clothing associated with their own period, and they typically behave pretty much normally, however whenever architectural adjustments have taken place they will be seen to move through walls and other solid structures, including closed doors and furniture that weren’t there throughout their particular life; and if surfaces and roofs or ceilings have been adjusted the ghosts appear where they would have appeared before these kinds of adjustments had taken place, so that at times, when the floor has been elevated, for example, the ghost appears only from the shins or even hips up.

In common with almost all ghosts not spirits) they will under no circumstances communicate and rarely display any kind of sign of being aware of the presence of the living, though, once they have been observed, it is often found that they have suffered in some way throughout their earthly lifetime.

They appear to possess a relationship with Atmospheric Photograph or Mental Image Ghosts, but are place-centric restricted to historical, usually residential buildings, and evidently continue on for many, years, maybe permanently, often they come to be treated as part of the household fittings, because they are incapable of causing harm to person or property.

Haunted Objects

Just as some properties appear able to attract and hold a ghost or other paranormal phenomena, so a lot more rarely, do some physical objects seem capable of attracting and retaining a ghost or spirit influence.

Some of these objects, investigators have discovered, are particularly likely to become Haunted Objects: quite a few skulls are said to have weird capabilities, when writing about this subject the following come to mind; the skulls at Wardley Hall, Appley Bridge, Chilton Cantello, Warbleton Priory, Bettiscombe Manor Burton Agnes Hall, and a lot more.

The skull currently residing at Bettiscombe, was kept in a shoe carton and it was said to undoubtedly be a skull of a primitive girl that perished several thousand years ago.

It is claimed that it screams and causes serious problems in the farming community if removed from the house, and likewise to lead to the demise, inside of twelve months, of the individual that commits this deed, once a professional photographer moved it as far as the open entrance to take pictures of it, but the wife of the occupant grabbed it back again without anything unpleasant taking place.

Truth be told there are numerous ghost ships, one in particular vouched for by King George the Fifth when he was a cadet; ghost vehicles and ghost furnishings like the renowned Busby Stoop or even tall chair preserved at the Busby Stoop Inn, north Yorkshire.

This particular chair is actually supposed to have belonged to the dishonest Busby, whom was known to be a criminal as well as a receiver of stolen goods, and who was eventually sentenced to death and duly executed for homicide.

The story goes that as he was being dragged from his home swearing and cursing, away from his much-loved chair, he vowed that any person who sat in the stoop would certainly perish as violently and abruptly – as he was about to perish.

There have been several tales regarding unexpected demise shortly after visitors have sat in Busby’s stoop, which include a Royal air force pilot, a hitchhiker, a motorcyclist, and a foolish local man.

The majority of could be classified as being improbable to live to an old age in any case, but along with the probabilities so very high against most of them perishing inside a couple of days of sitting in the stoop, the haunted chair has since been removed to a safer location

Additional unusual inanimate items which seem to be haunted as well as figure in mysterious incidents include the bizarre cylindrical object observed by a dependable witness and his wife at the Tower of London and the inexplicable faces that made an appearance in the floorboards of a Spanish home in nineteen seventy one and again in early in the eighty’s.

Cyclic and Recurring Ghosts

These ghosts recur at regular time intervals, and by far and away the most prevalent cycle is a year. There an exceptional quantity of ghosts that are reported to recur on a twelve monthly cycle it’s, as if they need the year to build up an adequate amount of energy to appear all over again.

One particular difficulty with ghost sightings and ghost hunting is the fascination and the power of the human mind.

If we visit somewhere that we know is said to be haunted and a ghostly figure of for example, a white lady, has been seen there each 28th of February, when we go on that date we are half-way towards seeing such a figure before we even get there.

The human brain being what it is prepares us for the unexpected, and our imagination does the rest. It is all too easy to see and hear what we subconsciously want to see and to hear.

In every investigation of recurring phenomena it is important that the investigator is accompanied by an unbiased observer who has no information about the reported phenomena and the date and time it is believed to surface.

Perhaps even then a witness account will not be fool-proof because it’s just possible that the investigator thinks about the ghostly appearance and telepathically, transmits such thoughts to his companion.

Potentially the best idea is to visit the location with the associate a few nights in advance of the date of the reputed phenomena and after that arrange for the associate to re-visit the location with another unbiased observer who’s got no previous knowledge of the haunting.

Nonetheless not surprisingly telepathic communication involving the observer and the original investigator is possible, but it’s never feasible to get rid of telepathic communication entirely from ghost hunting; it’s possible that some ghosts aren’t anything more than psychic recordings which are disseminated from one psyche to another.

Cyclic ghosts or pattern hauntings present substantial possibilities for investigating, of course, if persistent research appears to establish the cyclic aspect every effort ought to be made to enlist the co-operation of an recognized agency, to ensure that consistent, appropriate, legitimate and scientific documentation can be produced relating to the incident.

Survival of Death

This would probably be the most plausible solution to a number of ghostly apparitions; certainly in a number of instances this appears to end up being the only explanation possible.

Survival of some component of the actual intelligence of a number of individuals appears most likely in view of the available information, particularly with regard to a somewhat limited period of time; and this survival, short-term or everlasting, would certainly of course clarify quite a few of the evidenced cases regarding evidence of existence after dying that is to be found by the true quester after truth amongst the files of spiritualism and its followers.

Where ghost hunting and paranormal investigations are involved, the actual ghosts or spirits that would suggest life after dying are best examined with the co-operation of dedicated but open- minded spiritualists that tend to be mindful of the numerous stumbling blocks which await the unwary in attempting to find proof of survival after dying and do not unquestioningly accept any indications that might emerge.

Unfortunately it is this investigators experience that most spiritualists are content to be so in name but not in another practical sense.

Other Possible Explanations

Some other feasible answers with regard to numerous ghosts along with haunting phenomena include Time-Slips in which, for a few moments a previous scene can be replayed in the current time period; Psychic resonances in which the actual audio associated with a number of previous occurrences recurs without any visible element; and Animal Spirits that, if we are of the viewpoint that ghosts associated with human beings are spirit forms or in any way reflect an existence following dying, must force us into having a completely different look at some apparitions.

Now there is actually very good evidence with regard to ghostly horses and dogs, tales of which tend to be particularly widespread in the United States, Europe and many parts of The African continent as The united kingdom, but there are also, it appears, ghost cats, cows, sheep and wild animals too – birds, squirrels, bears, deer – and far more than can be listed here .

Airborne Phenomena is a somewhat recent category of ghostly phenomena there are scores of supposedly haunted airfields (where a number of remarkable recordings have been acquired), and dozens of documented appearances of deceased pilots, and redundant airplanes (aural and visible), as well as other psychic phenomena which contradicts plausible explanation, like spirit voices over heard by fliers; including record-breaking Sheila Scott who has claimed that ghost or spirit voices that saved her life.

This is certainly not a comprehensive checklist of the various sorts of ghosts that paranormal investigators might come across, but the majority of documented ghosts will probably be in one of these categorizations.

There are undoubtedly additional probable answers, not neglecting the possibility that they are all thought processes phenomena like telepathy or mental illness and don’t occur outside of the heads of those that observe them – it is feasible, but only just bearing in mind the actual accessible facts about this subject.

Neither should it be overlooked that these are merely passing suggestions, definitely not rigid categories, and that there are many instances of Combined phenomena as well as cases where there is overlapping and mingling of one particular kind of phenomena and a seemingly completely different kind of phenomena, absolutely nothing is actually yet distinct, well defined or clear-cut in this particular area of research and developing your own categorising system is probably a good idea and just as valid as any set up by larger organisations.