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Ghosts, spirits, poltergeists

…What do these names mean? Are they all synonyms or is each one different from the other? Is there a whole parallel universe out there made up of these entities? Ever since the world began the human race has entertained ideas of the dead returning to haunt or guide the living.

We know for a fact that there are people out there suffering the unwanted attentions of paranormal entities, and the paranormal phenomena they produce, and that they are suffering in silence needlessly.

If you are one of these people please be assured that you will be taken seriously and we will be as discreet as possible and should you require us to undertake a paranormal investigation, no details will be published by us that will identify you, your home or business or your family or colleagues as having been involved.

Please see the short video above.

We ourselves seek answers, just as our ancestors before us sought answers to death’s enigma. Every civilisation is said to have a belief in spirits. Countless examples can be found today from among the peoples of North and South America, Asia, The Orient, Africa, Australasia to us here in Western Europe and the United Kingdom

What are ghosts? What is the difference between a ghost hunt and a paranormal investigation? Our unceasing fascination with ghostly phenomena gives us provocative insights into the unknown. The sheer variety of spirit phenomena and the intriguing accounts that encompass them have inspired fear, dread, excitement and several generations of ghost hunters and paranormal investigators.

Our extensive and chaotic past has brought into being a plethora of ghosts and spirits. Battles ancient and modern have left paranormal remnants from the Civil War’s battle in the skies at Edgehill, to World War Two’s Bircham Newton airfield. Murder, tragedy and suicide have produced many more.

With that, I welcome you to the Worcestershire Paranormal Investigations website.

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