Aamon, Grand MARQUIS OF HELL, is the demon of life and reproduction. He is described both as having the head of a serpent and the body of a wolf (and vice versa) as well as having a raven’s head with canine teeth set upon a man’s body. According to Christian demonology, it is believed that he is most powerful during the day and has the ability to project flames from his mouth.

Aamon is summoned for his knowledge of the past and his ability to predict the future. He also has the ability to reconcile friends who have become enemies as well as being able to secure the love of another to the one who summoned him. He is in direct service under the demon SATANACHIA.

Aamon commands forty infernal legions and is one of the four personal ASSISTANTS OF ASHTAROTH.

The seventh spirit mentioned in the Goetia, he is also a part of Christian demonology, as he is mentioned in The Grimoire of Pope Honorius. Oftentimes demonologists will associate him with both the Egyptian god Amun and the Carthaginian god Ba’al Hammon.


Variations: AMALIN
The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage lists Aanalin as one of the fifty- three SERVITORS OF ASHTAROTH AND ASMODEUS  but calls him by the alias AMALIN.

Aanalin, originally from Chaldaic demonology, is the demon of languidness.


According to the Theurgia Goetia, Aariel is one of the sixteen SERVITORS OF ASYRIEL (see  ASYRIEL) and commands twenty servitors. This diurnal chief duke is good- natured and willing to obey his summoner.  In Hebrew, his name means “lion of God.”


Variations: AATXEGORRI (“young red bull”)

This demonic spirit from the Basque religion is described as looking like a young red bull but has the ability to shape- shift into human form.

Aatxe, whose name translates to mean “young bull,” has the ability to create storms and does so at night with the belief that people of quality and “goodness” will seek shelter indoors and that only the criminal element will venture forth in such weather. Then, in the darkness and further hidden by the weather, Aatxe will prey upon criminals and other socially undesirable people.

Said to be a representation of the goddess Mari, or at the very least an enforcer of her will, he lives in a cave called Euskal Herria.


According to Enochian lore, Aax is a CACODAEMON (an evil spirit or a demon. The opposite of a cacodemon is an agathodaemon or eudaemon, a good spirit or angel).  His counterpart is the angel Axir

Abaasi, plural: abassy

Variations: ABASSYLAR In northeastern Russia, from the demonology of the Yakut people, comes a species of demon called abaasi, or abassy when more than one appears.

In their native language of Sakha, abaasi means “black” and it is under the domain of the demon ULU TOJON (“Powerful Lord”) who rules all nine clans of abassy.

HELIOPHOBIC (the fear of the sun, sunlight, or any bright light.) Devil of destruction and disease, they are only seen at night. These beings are basically humanoid shaped but have only one eye and leg.

Considered to be evil creatures, they prey on the souls of both animals and humans. Abassy are also known to cause madness and induce sexual manifestations in those who are about to receive their shamanistic powers. Their sacred animal is the raven.