Created by God to execute His will, Af (“anger”) is one of the ARCHANGELS OF PUNISHMENT and one of the three angels of Hell, Ema and MASHITH being the other two. He is under the direct command of the six Angels of Death over men, but has no dominion over children, young people, and kings.

A demon of anger, he is described as being five hundred parasangs in height (1,789.5 miles) and that his body was forged out of chains made with black and red fire. Af resides in the seventh heaven and hates Moses because he did not observe the ritual of circumcision.


According to Christian demonology and the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, Afarorp (“breaking and rending”) is one of the one hundred eleven SERVITORS OF AMAYMON, ARITON, ORIENS, AND PAYMON.


Variations: Afra- Sia- Ab (“past the black river”), Afrosiyob, Alp Er Tonga (“Courageous Tiger Man”), Efrasiyab Afrasiab is the name of a Scythian, demonic archfiend that looks like a snake (see AHRIMAN). It is also the name of an ancient city, several historical hero- kings, and a tribe of ancient people.


Afray (“dust”) is one of the fifty- three SERVITORS OF ASHTAROTH AND ASMODEUS.

African Devils

Generally benign creatures, the devils of Africa are considered to be more of a nuisance than a threat. In their natural and true form they have one arm, one ear, one eye, and one leg, but they use their shape- shifting abilities to look human and are very fast runners.

In this guise the devils live in villages blending in, assuming a name and a life, and even performing everyday tasks such as farming and hunting.


Afsus is the demon of ungratefulness from Persian demonology. His name translates to mean “Alas!”


Variations: Zagal

According to the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, Agab (“beloved”) is one of the eight SERVITORS OF ORIENS.


Agafali (“age” or “reverence”) is one of the fifteen SERVITORS OF PAYMON.


Variations: Agalierap, Agalierept

The eighteenth century book alleged to be written by Pope Honorius III, Grimoire of Pope Honorius (Le Grimoire du Pape Honorius), says that Agaliarept is the demon of anger, hate, vengeance, and war.

He is the commander of the Secret Police of Hell and a grand general in the infernal army, commander of the 2nd Legion. Under his personal command are also four servitors.

With the Tarihimal he shares commands of the servitor ELELOGAP. Sources conflict as to whose command he is under. Some claim that he is one of the two SERVITORS OF LUCIFER (SANTANACKIA being the other), while others say he is under SAMMAEL. Agaliarept looks like a mature man with a thick handlebar moustache.

He is summoned because of his ability to cause dissension in the enemy army by creating distrust among the men.

Agaliarept can also discover the secrets of all the courts and council chambers of the world and from any time period; he holds sway mover Europe and Asia Minor. His sign is that of two heads.