Agapiel is, according to Theurgia Goetia, the second book of the Lemegeton, the Lesser Key of Solomon, one of the fifteen SERVITORS OF ICOSIEL. He has under his personal command 2,200 servitors and may be summoned any time of the day or night.

Agapiel rules over the planet Mars.


Variations: Agaros, Agreas, AGUARES, King of the East, TAMIEL (“perfection of God”)

Agares is a grand duke of the eastern region of Hell and the prime minister of LUCIFER. sources vary as to whose service he falls directly under: LUCIFUGE ROFOCALE or MEPHISTOPHELES. Agares is also listed as being one of the seventy- two SPIRITS OF SOLOMON.

One of the FALLEN ANGELS, formerly of the Order of Virtues, he swore allegiance to SAMIAZA and rebelled against God because he lusted after and took a human wife as his mate, fathering the NEPHILIM.

He is the demon of courage and has thirty- one legions of servitors under his command, sharing an additional eighty- seven demons with SAMMAEL.

Agares is easily summoned but it is best to call him up during the month of March at the eleventh hour of the night when his power is at its peak. When he appears, Agares looks like a caring and kindly lord mounted upon a crocodile with a hawk perched upon his fist. He has a wide array of powers at his disposal such as causing earthquakes, destroying spiritual and temporal dignities, doling out power, granting titles, making terrestrial spirits dance, placing newfound courage in those who would flee before greater numbers, scattering the enemy army, teaching languages, and other varied abilities.

Agares is mentioned in Christian demonology of Johann Wierus’s Pseudomonarchia Daemonum (False Monarchy of Demons, 1583).


Agas is a female demon of illness from Persian demonology. Her name means “evil eye.”


An agathion is a type of FAMILIAR demonic spirit and can appear as either an animal or a man. Once bound as a familiar, it lives inside a ring or talisman. Agathion are most powerful at mid- day.

Agathodemon, plural: Agathodemons

Variations: Agathodaemon, Agathodaimon, Agathos Daimon

The mythology of the Agathodemon began back in Egypt; however, it is a Greek word. Its name translates to mean “the good god” or “good divinity.” It was believed that every person was born with two personal, invisible guardians, the Agathodemons and the CACODAEMON. Agathodemons were said to be their good- natured protectors and CACODAEMON were their evil counterparts.

Each demon encouraged its own impulses. Agathodemons are most often depicted as a snake with a human head, but on occasion they have been shown as a young man holding a basket full of ears of corn.

Agathodemons are most powerful on the first day after a new moon, a time when they are to be remembered for the duty they perform. They are given tribute daily and it is shown by the consumption of a glass of wine after a meal has been eaten.

Agathodemons are the symbolic reminder to live a moral life and to always seek to improve oneself. The only time one of them would ever attack a person is if they were attempting to destroy a vineyard that was under their protection.