According to Enochian lore, Agb is a CACODAEMON. His counterpart is the angel Gbal


Variations: Agchoniôn

In the Testament of Solomon, Agchonion is a demon that preys on infants. He lies in their bedding, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

Agchonion is susceptible to banishment by the use of a cone spell using the word lycurgos, written out on a fig leaf.




Agei, whose name means “meditation” in Hebrew, is one of the fifty- three SERVITORS OF ASHTAROTH AND ASMODEUS.


Aggareth is one of the concubines that serve under the command of SATAN.

Aggelos Abussos

Variations: ’ABADDOWN, Apolluon

Aggelos Hamartano

Aggelos hamartano is Greek for “angel of sin” or “bad angel.” It is used in reference to a FALLEN


Aggelos Oxus Drepanon

Aggelos oxus drepanon is Greek for “angel with sharp sickle.” It is used to refer to the Angel of Death, a title shared by ADRIEL, ASHMODAI, SAMAEL, and SARIEL.

Aggelos Phos

Aggelos phos is Greek for “angel of light.” It may be a reference to LUCIFER.

Aggelos Satanas

Aggelos satanas is Greek for “angel of the accuser.” It may be a reference to the FALLEN ANGEL, MASTEMA, the Accusing Angel who tried to kill Moses in Exodus 4:24.


Born the daughter of the Qliphothic witch MACHALOTH, Aggereth has snakes for hair and is depicted as being seated in a chariot that is being pulled by an ass and an ox.

She, like her mother before her, is a demonic witch.


Variations: Herod Agrippa

Aggrapart was a name that was used in the Middle-Ages to refer to LUCIFER. It was a variation of the historical Jewish King Herod Agrippa, who in 7 B.C.E. most famously had his own son executed to appease the Roman Emperor Augustus.


Variations: Agibal

Agibol (“forcible love”) is from Christian demonology and is mentioned in the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage. He is one of the ten SERVITORS OF AMAIMON AND ARITON.


Agiel is a demonic spirit and a soldier in SATAN’s army. His presence can be detected by signs of extreme violence on the battlefield.

Agiel has the ability to invoke spirits that live in the firmament of the earth. He does not necessarily have dominion over fellow demons Asmodaï, Elubeb, and Haniel as he does the planet Saturn, but he has long been associated with them.

It has been alleged that Agiel’s name was engraved on a talisman that belonged to and was worn by Catherine de Medicis, Queen of France (April 13, 1519–January 5, 1589).


From Christian demonology and as mentioned in the book Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, Agilas (“sullen”) is one of the sixty-five SERVITORS OF KORE AND MAGOTH.


Aglafos (“bright light”) is one of the fifteen SERVITORS OF PAYMON (see PAYMON).


Aglas, a duke, is a nocturnal demon and one of the sixteen SERVITORS OF GEDEIL


Aglasis is a demi- demon in service under NEBIROS. He has the ability to teleport anyone or anything from one location on the planet to another.


According to Reginald Scott’s The Discovery of Witchcraft (1584), Agnan is a devil who lives in America and breeds swine.


Agniel is named in the Book of Enoch as one of the FALLEN ANGELS who swore an oath of allegiance to SAMIAZA, rebelled against God, took a human wife, and fathered the NEPHILIM. He also went on to teach mankind the “enchantments of roots,” as well as how to use conjurations.


In the Lemegeton, the Lesser Key of Solomon, Agra, a nocturnal demon, is listed as one of the sixteen Duke SERVITORS OF GEDEIL.

Agrat- Bat- Mahlaht

Variations: Angel of Prostitutes, Iggereth Bath Mahalath

The ARCH SHE- DEMON and SUCCUBUS Agrat-Bat-Mahlaht’s origin lies in Jewish mysticism, and her name translates from Hebrew to mean “Spirit Daughter of Uncleanness.”

Named as one of the four DEMONS OF PROSTITUTION, she is also listed as one of the four wives of SAMMAEL (SATAN). Agrat- Bat- Mahlaht commands 180,000 demons of her own and is said to drive a chariot around the world on Wednesdays and Fridays.

According to Talmudic lore, demons are mortal; however, it is said that Agrat- Bat- Mahlaht and LILITH will “continue to exist and plague man until the Messianic day, when God will finally extirpate uncleanliness and evil from the face of earth.”


Agrax (“bone”) is listed as one of the fifty- three SERVITORS OF ASHTAROTH AND ASMODEUS.


In Judaic lore and described in Midrashic literature, it is said that after the expulsion from the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve separated from each other for a while. During this period, Piznia, a daughter of LILITH, met Adam and together they had many children, giving birth to a specific type of demonic half- breed known as Cambion Lutins.

The first born child of their union was a son named Agrimas. Ninety- two thousand other children are said to have followed.

Using his status as a son of Adam, Agrimas sought out Methuselah the Righteous, who slew ninety thousand of his descendants in a single sword stroke.

In exchange for peace, Agrimas gave Methuselah the names of his remaining descendants and the symbols of protection against them. The remaining LUTINS then sought refuge on the furthest mountains and in the deepest places in the sea.