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All demons have positive aspects

“Take your energy and focus it, build it up into a giant ball of energy and eventually, released out into the world to act as your servitor it will be a form of you just floating free in the world and it will do things for you.”

“Usually if you are working with spirits doing any kind of necromancy a lot of the time the room will get colder.” [To those not in the know, this is known as Astral Chill]

“All demons have positive aspects and they will show these aspects of their personalities to anyone who is courageous enough to evoke and interact with them and to those who approach them with a neutral attitude.”

None of this is even partially true. Evil [The word evil Old English yfel, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch euvel and German Übel.] is a label that in this case humans have misapplied. If you think about it there really is no such thing as good and evil, they are just concepts that we created to describe things that we perceive to be good or bad. [I, like most people would, disagree with this statement]

If it suits their circumstances people will try to use demons and devils as scapegoats, they will commit the most horrible [evil?] crimes doing something truly awful that that has nothing to do with religion, demons or demonology and use the excuses “the devil made me do it” or “I was possessed demonically I couldn’t stop myself” or “ but it wasn’t my fault it was out of my control”. [There are those who would make the argument that this is exactly how evil spirits, demons and devils work.]

Bad people have been using religion, the devil and demonology for millennia to make excuses for atrocities they have committed, because they lack the courage to confess due to the penalties they would face.”

“If you need your life stripped down and rebuilt because you’re suffering here and you want spirit to help pull you out of it, make a pact.”

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