Variations: Abadon, ‘Abadown, ABBADON, Abbadown, Apolloyon, the Destroying Angel, the King of the Grasshoppers, Prince of War, Sovereign of the Bottomless Pit.

From the Hebrew word for “destruction,” Abaddon (“the Destroyer”) is one of the few demons mentioned by name in the Old Testament. In the King James commission of the Bible he is mentioned by name five times.

Accredited by various sources to be the demon of anger, hate, vengeance, and war, Abaddon is said to command the sixth House of Hell and its demonic locust army, the very one that will torment the nonbelievers during the seventh, and final, trumpet blast of the Rapture. Perhaps this is why he is seen as both an angel of Hell and a destroying angel of God.

The locusts themselves are demonic creatures, described as having a human face, the body of a winged warhorse, and the poisonous stinging tail of a scorpion.

Abaddon is described as a gigantic figure veiled in black and covered with whirling wheels. In his hands he holds a large wheel that is spinning.

Some sources say he is snakelike in appearance and has a belly full of fire.

During medieval times it was common for scholars and demonologists to assign aspects to the more commonly known demons. It was said of Abaddon that he was particularly strong on Saturdays in January when Venus was visible; that his colors were blood red, brown, and green, and that the ruby and the sword were symbolic of him.

An advisor who inspires anarchy and chaos, he has been given the titles of Chief Demon of Locusts, Demonic Ruler of the Abyss, and the King of Demons.

There is another demon named Abbadon; he is also known as ABDON, the Angel of the Bottomless Pit, and Apollyon (“one that exterminates”).

Abbadon (“The Destroyer”) of Hebrew lore is mentioned in the Old Testament books of Job 28:22 and the Book of Revelation 9:11. He is said to be the leader of a swarm of demonic locusts that are described as having the face of a human, the body of a winged horse, and the tail of a scorpion.

Abbadon is the demon of death and destruction; he inspires men to anarchy and to create chaos. He is variously described as an ARCHDEMON or Fallen Angel, and is himself said to be under the control of demon SAMMAEL.

Insects are sacred to him (see also ABADDON). Abbadon VERRIER is named as the demon of knowledge, secrets, and sorcery. He is also listed as one of the FALLEN ANGELS.


Variations: ABADDON

Abaddown, Hebrew for “the destruction of Hades (or Shaul),” is said to be the demonic angel of the Bottomless Pit of Sheol. He stands there on constant and vigilant guard, ensuring that the demonic locust army, dragons, or any of the other creatures bound to the pit do not escape before their proper time.


Variations: Ob, Ob- Adur, Orus, Oub

Possibly originally the Ophite (were members of a Christian Gnostic sect depicted by Hippolytus of Rome 170–235) serpent god Orus, Abadir is named as one of the sixteen SERVITORS OF ASMODEUS (see ASMODEUS).
His name is taken from the Hebrew word meaning “scattered.”


The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage lists Abagiron as one of the sixty-five SERVITORS OF KORE AND MAGOTH.

His name is possibly a variant of a Greek word and if true would translate to mean “gathering together.”


This demon likely takes its name from an ancient archaic Hebrew word meaning “terrible.” Abahin is one of the fifty- three SERVITORS OF ASHTAROTH AND ASMODEUS (see ASMODEUS and ASTAROTH).


Variations: Abali, Abalim, Labal

According to Christian demonology, Abalam is a king or prince of Hell and one of the two assistants of PAYMON (see PRINCES OF HELL, KINGS OF HELL).When summoned by a sacrificial offering, he will appear with the demonic King (or Prince) BEBALL.


Variations: Abasdarhon, Arearos, ARMAROS, ARMERS, PHARMAROS

Fallen Angel Abaros is one of the WATCHERS

mentioned by name in the Book of Enoch. Said to have dominion over the fifth hour of the night, Abaros swore allegiance to SAMIAZA and went against God’s will by not only teaching mankind how to both create and remove magical enchantments but also by taking a human female as his wife. The offspring of the union between these FALLEN ANGELS and the daughters of man were known as the NEPHILIM.