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Spirit oppression

Spirit oppression is said to have occurred when a spirit is able (or has been able) to temporarily take over the mental and physical functions of a living person or have a significant effect on the normal habits and behaviours of an affected individual. This can be a precursor to full possession. Symptoms are wide ranging and said to range from sudden mood swings to complete changes of personality.

Spirit Possession

Spirit possession can be a voluntary displacement of the personality normally used by Mediums. The spirits are invited to enter a human person to educate, communicate with the living, or just for help in passing them over to the next realm.

Demonic Possession

A person afflicted by demonic possession is said to suffer a complete takeover by a spirit/demonic entity. The entity will dominate the victim so that the difference between the person and the entity can no longer be discerned. True signs of possession are said to be displays of superhuman strength, often accompanied by fits and convulsions; changes in personality; having knowledge of the future or other secret information; and being able to understand and converse in languages not previously known to the affected person.

Demonic or Spirit Attachment

Demonic or Spirit Attachment occurs when an earthbound spirit becomes interested in a living person and then begins to spend time with their chosen person. At some period after the initial interest has been sparked, the spirit becomes emotionally attached to the individual concerned.

In most cases attached spirits don’t have any ill-will and they don’t mean to harm the person. It’s almost always just that the spirit had some connection to the person, either emotionally, similar life-experiences, or the spirit could have known the person in life or even a past life.

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