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Suggestions for  a Séance

Below are some simple suggestions on carrying out a séance, obviously you don’t have to do it this way but I strongly suggest that you take note of the opening and closing routine and the respect issues.

Ensure all participants of the séance are settled comfortably around a table, the atmosphere should be relaxed, anyone feeling uncertain or unhappy about the proceedings should be encouraged to leave the circle.

To assure your protection place a religious symbol or white beeswax candle in the middle of the table.

Remove anything that may prove to be a distraction from the room. Turn off mobile devices and settle pets where they are most unlikely to be disturbed by the séance or any paranormal phenomena that may result.

Sitter Preferences

Depending upon the preferences of the sitters either turn the lights down or off completely. Personally I feel that a completely dark séance should be avoided where possible due to the possibility of trickery by a sitter and in the interests of health and safety.

Get the sitters to put their hands on the table, fingers spread comfortably, with the little finger of each touching the hand of the sitter either side of them, this makes the passage of any energies between sitters flow easily.

Start the séance with a prayer of protection. The prayer denomination is unimportant, but it should be short and focussed on good intentions and benevolence.

Inviting the Spirits

Focus on inviting the spirits into the circle for a short time, when you feel enough time has elapsed, call out to any spirits that may be present.

Keep concentrating on the spirit energies present in the room and ask them relevant questions. These questions can be answered by one tap for no and two taps for yes. I have had some success asking the spirit or energy concerned to touch the person the message applies to. Do remember to ask that persons permission first.

Talk to the spirits until you either a) get no more responses or b) that everyone feels that it’s time to end the séance. If only one person wishes to end the night’s activities it is a good idea to comply with that individuals wishes. A negative frame of mind will disrupt the séance anyway and you could be running the risk of drawing a negative energy into the séance circle.

Thank the spirits for joining you and close the séance by saying goodbye and end the séance with a prayer similar to the opening prayer.

Respect Spirits

Although you should be watchful, remain as relaxed as possible and keep the atmosphere light. Stress seems to inhibit spirit communications.

If you are joined by a malicious energy, order it to depart at once and get all sitters to recite the protective prayer you opened the séance with. Do not under any circumstance interact with it.

Always treat spirit energies with the greatest of respect at all times, there can be serious repercussions if you disrespect spirits and metaphysical energies. The chances that you may be dealing with a powerful negative entity or energy is always there.

Watch the video below to see exactly what not to do and why. I have no idea if there were other unpleasant results later for these girls but I suspect so, there was an update link on the video but it led back to the original footage.

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