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What are shadow beings?

The general lore pertaining to shadow beings suggest they range from dense, black, shadowy masses to apparitions that take on the semblance of the human form. Sometimes described as Jet black manifestations with yellow or red eyes that are darker than the darkness that surrounds them. Witnesses state that they seem to move very quickly from place to place almost as if dancing. These shadowy apparitions sometimes appear to be almost solid, or like dense smoke or dark vapour.

A common perception of them is as masculine figures wearing distinctive hats, or as vague figures that linger in the dark, appear at the foot of the bed at night, or as silhouettes that seem to appear at the end of corridors or in unexpected places.


There are various kinds of Shadow People that have been witnessed, but one in particular that has been reported frequently worldwide. This apparition is described as a masculine silhouette taller than the average man, with no distinguishing features. On other rarer occasions vague facial features have been seen, and on even rarer occasions still frightening red or yellow eyes have been reported.

This one type of shadow being has been observed in bedrooms, corridors, and unexpected areas, by young and old, male and female, by animals, (most notably cats and dogs), by individuals and by groups of people. This particular shadow being is now known as The Hat Man, a moniker earned just because of the huge number of sightings reported globally.

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