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Modern Ghostly Phenomena

It’s really a common yet false impression that all ghosts are misty grey females or even shadowy monks of centuries past; there are many modern ghosts and ghosts of modern people and present-day occurrences.

For years a ghost bus had been seen in Northern Kensington and numerous crashes had been reportedly caused by other road users swerving to avoid the racing bus, hours after regular buses had ceased to run, only to find this brightly lit bus had entirely disappeared.

After one deadly crash (many state there were a number) on the dangerous corner on the junction of Saint Mark’s Road and Cambridge Gardens was structurally modified and afterwards the ghost bus was never witnessed again.

During December of nineteen seventy two an Eastern Tri-Star, Airline flight 401, crashed in a swamp in Florida, wiping out one hundred and one men and women and children.

According to records the spirits of the pilot Bob Loft and his flight engineer Don Repo had been witnessed on in excess of twenty times after the fatal accident.

They were allegedly observed by crew members on various other planes of the same airline, particularly it appeared when those other planes included components from the crashed aircraft which had been salvaged.

The ghosts were being seen by female and male air crew whom just about all stated the figures had been lifelike; a few of the witnesses had known the deceased men and identified them, others identified them later on from photos. When an account of the ghostly phenomena was published in the airline news sheet John Fuller made a comprehensive investigation of the case and produced a mass of testimony which seemed to determine the legitimacy of this contemporary ghost.
Ghosts of Living People

Prince Rupert headed his cavalry into the first significant combat associated with the English Civil War at Edgehill in Sixteen Forty-two.

For many months afterwards people young and old reported to observe the ghostly re-enactment of the battle, and amongst those noted to take part was Prince Rupert himself – however Prince Rupert was still living at that time.

There are many these kinds of scenarios: folks passing a friend whilst out and about and later discovering that at the time this person was unquestionably somewhere else; people awakening abruptly and witnessing the distinctive figure of somebody they know well enough to recognize merely to discover that this particular person had been at the, time a long way away.

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