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False Positives

So what is a “false positive”? In a nutshell, it’s when you appear to have captured paranormal phenomena on an electronic or other device and you haven’t, simple as that.

False positives can be caused by the simplest things, more often than not the immediate environment, the weather, and poor investigative practices are cause of this problem. The best way of explaining them is to show some evidence of them. The pictures and videos below are examples and explanations of false positives.

Worcestershire Paranormal Ghosts Spirits 0110 0110

Nothing paranormal here! just a human hair!

Worcestershire Paranormal Ghosts Spirits 0113 0113

Ghostly orbs? No, just common or garden rain!

Worcestershire Paranormal Investigations and Ghost Hunting Frosty Breath

A sneaky spook? Nah! just someones frosty breath

In this video Mike St. Clair of VIPER Paranormal shows you how to identify a false long exposure ghost picture and how to view the EXIF Data. EXIF data shows information about the photo, the camera that was used, and how the photo was taken.

Bunk’D! A look at the k2 meter and the uses within the paranormal community. Including ways it can be used to produce evidence that is not real and other issues with relying on it’s data.

And these are just a few of the things you have to be careful about! Think about reflective surfaces (any reflective surface!) dust, moisture, and camera straps. Always consider the mundane first and the paranormal as a last resort.

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