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Orbs are opaque light anomalies that have been linked to paranormal phenomena. Orbs can be of any shape or colour, but are usually off white, and roughly circular. They can appear as a clear sharp image or vague and indistinct. They have been captured via digital photography and night shot camcorders in isolation and in groups since the mid 1990’s.

Black Mist

(See Shadow Beings)

Black Mist is thought to be common in ghost hotspots, and feed off of the anger and fear of the living in its immediate environment, it is also reputed to cause anger, fear, and violence in any other ghosts or spirits in its immediate sphere of influence, and feed of the negative energies produced.

Reported encounters suggest a lack of personality, limited intelligence, and little will, it is said by some to be the essence of evil. It is believed to be passive and slow moving, although there have not been any reports of attacks, contact with it is thought to cause illness possibly resulting in oppression. Some investigators include this phenomena in the Shadow People category. Because there is so much debate and indecision about the nature of Shadow people here we have separated the two listing them as separate phenomena.

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