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I am not trying to frighten you unnecessarily, in my experience it is very rare for a human spirit to harm anyone, but attacks on investigators have become more regular in recent years and that old adage about being better safe that sorry is definitely one worth keeping in mind.

This particular technique takes more flack than the other two put together, because of all of the scaremongering about it, perhaps with good reason, but the real fault once again lies with the people using it (see Dabbling above).

Once again (I can’t state this enough) protection and respect are paramount, and in this case probably more so than with the séance and ouija board. Why? Because this time round you are asking the spirits for messages and physical interaction, in my view adding the dangers of the two techniques mentioned above together, thereby doubling your risk factor.

There is a distinct difference between having a relaxed atmosphere during a séance and careless, disrespectful one, I repeat my earlier warning: It needs to be borne in mind that the results of blasé. indifferent behaviour when dealing with the paranormal can lead to very serious consequences.

Holding a table tapping session is almost exactly the same as holding a séance. I personally believe that the use of protection and respect for table tapping is more important than for a séance, why? Because you are asking the spirits of the dead to provide physical interaction with you by moving the table. If something is capable of moving a heavy table, then it is more than capable of physically harming those around the table.

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