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Deathbed Visitations and Crisis Apparitions

These ghostly appearances transpire soon after or at the death of a person, or during a period of significant stress or trauma and don’t appear to be connected with any specific location or occurrence.

These ghosts are quite common but they are of short duration and seldom manifest in excess of a week following the death or health crisis of the individual observed.

Perhaps the most common example is of a woman in America who had a son living in England.

Suddenly (day or night) the son would become conscious of the apparition of his mother standing silently observing him, and consequently it will be demonstrated that either the mother reached a crisis of health or that she had passed on, either at the time her apparition was seen, shortly before (if a death bed vision), or after the apparition is witnessed.

This kind of appearance was common place during time of war when sons and husbands were seen by their wives and mothers who later discovered that their loved one had been killed at the moment they had appeared to their spouses and mothers.

In all probability these ghosts are telepathic projections. At a time of intense psychological stress anyone is probably going to be thinking with significant emotional intensity of a particular loved one and, in picturing this loved one, it could be that they can telepathically send out an image of themselves to the one they have in mind.

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