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Paranormal and Normal Audio

Take a note (where possible) of anything in the immediate vicinity that could cause seemingly “paranormal” effects on your equipment. You’d be surprised how the shadow from a tree can look like a human shadow figure of some sort, or the reflection from residual moisture in a tree can look like a misty shape.

When recording EVP (electronic voice phenomena) always talk in a normal clear voice, whispering can be mistaken for actual EVP evidence.

Now believe it or not, YOU can be made to produce false positives! Seeing and hearing is not necessarily believing or believable. The first problem here is that we see and hear in a very limited range of the available spectrums. The other problem you have is that outside influences can adversely affect those senses.


Electro-magnetic fields have an adverse effect on the human brain. Exposure to high electro-magnetic fields can cause hallucinations and other unpleasant effects.

Ultra-sound (high frequency)

Exposure ultra-sound at approximately sixteen Mega-hertz can cause “corner of the eye phenomena”. This is because it resonates (or vibrates) at the same rate as the human eye.

Infra-sound (low frequency)

Exposure to infra-sound is said to produce symptoms of nausea, and headaches, it is also reputed to cause sensations of ‘presence’ as in paranormal presences.

Unfortunately all of these things can occur naturally, and be caused by man-made things. The most common, EMF’s and ultra-sound, can be detected by relatively cheap equipment, infra-sound however is far more difficult to deal with, but extremely rare.


So what now? Well, once the target for the investigation has been decided, it needs proper and thorough research. Although others would disagree, I believe that the information gathered by the researcher(s) should stay with the researcher(s) and be withheld from the Medium until AFTER the investigation, and only shared with other group members as appropriate. If there are environmental or other dangers at the target venue, then that portion of the information must be shared with everyone.
Why research?

  • Research can make the job of identifying phenomena easier. Knowing what the “expected phenomena” is likely to be, will help spotting false positives and poor Mediums (and I’ve met a couple of those too).
  • Researching the history of a location can help in uncovering information for why a supposed haunting may be occurring
  • Research can be published along with other reports concerning the investigation. This adds credibility to the reports and the group as a whole.
  • Research allows for a risk assessment

And just when you thought the fun was over, if something comes out of the investigation that wasn’t covered in the pre-investigation research, it needs researching too. You may have uncovered something previously unknown about a known site.

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