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Old Family Ghosts

This is a type of ghost which, is attached to particular households; their intention appears to be to warn family members about their impending demise.

In general they appear to be more prevalent around Scotland than anywhere else, whilst the Banshee (a wailing or howling sound that signifies a family death) is exclusive to those people descended from some ancestral Irish families.

Maybe the fascinating family spirits connected with the Pomeroy’s as well as the Townshend’s happen to be amongst the best-known UK instances, occurring at Berry Pomeroy Castle in Devon and Raynham Hall in Norfolk correspondingly.

The former seems to have its origins in a violent killing, but in the case of the latter, the famous Brown Lady, there is no clear narrative to account for this ancestral phantom.

It was allegedly observed by, amongst many others, King George IV and Captain Marryat. Some people consider the ghost is that of Lady Dorothy Walpole, the second wife of Charles, the second Marquess of Townshend, and that this lady met a brutal death on a staircase where her spirit has recently been witnessed and photographed.

Scottish family ghosts include the Airlie Drummer, the Hamilton household White Lady, the Carnegie’s Green Lady and the Burnett’s of Crathes who also have a Green Lady connected to Crathes Castle, observed on one occasion by Queen Victoria.

Then of course there’s the Lyon family located at Glamis Castle, the Gordons from Fyvie Castle, and many more.

Family spirits form other nations include the White Lady of the Hohenzollerns; the Black Lady of Darmstadt who haunts the ex-Grand Ducal Residence of Hesse; the Bernadotte’s of Sweden with their phantom old woman; as well as the wraith or double whose manifestation foretold the death of one of the Romanoff’s, the Imperial Family of Russia.

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