Variations: Abrunael

According to Enochian lore Abrinael is one of the twenty- eight demonic rulers of the lunar mansions. He presides over the twenty- fourth mansion, Sadabatha, and is known to hinder the government.


Abro is one of the many secret names of the demonic first wife of Adam, LILITH.


A nocturnal AERIAL DEVIL of Christian demonology who is mentioned in Trithemius’s Stegano graphia (1506), Abrulges is one of the eleven SERVITORS OF PAMERSIEL.

When he is summoned, it must be done from the second floor of a home or in a wide and open space, such as a field or a stadium. Demonologists would call upon him because of his usefulness in driving out other spirits from haunted places; however, they must be careful with what he says to them, as he is an expert liar.

Abrulges has a reputation for telling secrets. He is arrogant and stubborn by nature and one of the DUKES OF HELL.


Variations: Aàbussov

Abussos’s name is Greek for “immeasurable depth” or “without bounds.” Literally is it understood to mean a bottomless pit. This demon’s name was mentioned once in the King James Version of the Book of Revelation 19:20. His sacred number is twelve.

Throughout the Bible this word is used in reference to the region of Hell to which Jesus banishes demons, as described in Luke 8:26–33.


The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage has Abutes (“bottomless, measureless”) as one of the fifty- three SERVITORS OF ASHTAROTH AND ASMODEUS.


Variations: APSU, Apsû, Engur

In the Babylonian creation epic Enuma Elish (twelfth century B.C.E.), Abzu is a primal demonic creature made up of fresh water. He is the lover of fellow deity TIAMAT, a creature of salt water.

Abzu is the demon of the semen, wisdom, and the Watery Abyss, a vast freshwater ocean beneath the earth that serves as the source of all lakes, rivers, springs, streams, and wells.


Acaos is one of the eighteen demons who possessed Sister Jeanne des Anges in Loudun, France, 1634. He was described as being a FALLEN ANGEL, formerly of the Order of Thrones. Interestingly, after her exorcism, Acaos was thereafter called upon during exorcisms and cases of collective possession for assistance in driving out other demonic spirits.


Variation: Acheron, Ekron

Accaron is a devil whose name translates to mean “a body or stump of a tree,” “barrenness,”  “feebleness,” and “weakness”.

In some translations of the Bible, Accaron is translated as the Palestinian homeland of BAALZEBUB (SATAN) while in others it is taken to mean a lesser, demonic servitor of BAALZEBUB (Satan).


Variations: Acerba

Theurgia Goetia, the second book of the Lemegeton, claims that Acereba, a nocturnal duke, is one of the fifteen SERVITORS OF BARMIEL.


In the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, Achaniel (“Truth of God”) is one of the fifteen SERVITORS OF PAYMON. He is the demon of truth.