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The Poltergeist

The German for “noisy Spirit”, this phenomenon is usually associated with prepubescent children – frequently girls. It is thought by some investigators that physical activity is caused by Psycho kinetic energy generated by the children and is often accompanied by what appears to be spirit activity.

Auditory Phenomena

Not to be confused with EVP or ASP, this phenomenon is clearly audible to investigators at the time of recording. This includes ALL AUDIBLE sound phenomena.

Remember! There are no hard and fast rules when dealing with paranormal phenomena!

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena)

Voices (believed to be those of the dead) captured on electronic equipment such as a digital voice recorder, when no voice was heard at the time the recording was made.

ASP (Anomalous Sound Phenomena)

Similar to EVP, but the sound referred to covers everything except voices. For instance one of our ‘EVPs’ is actually a loud metallic clang.

Physical Phenomena

This category is intended to cover phenomena that have an actual physical effect of some kind on the observer. The sensation of being touched, scratched, the onset of sudden sickness etc.

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