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Possible Shadow Being Explanations

So is the shadow being black and insubstantial in appearance because of its inability to use EM fields, and other existing energies to manifest as a full bodied apparition? if so how do we explain the instances of glowing red or yellow eyes? And the more solid looking shadow beings?

One suggestion is that they may be ghosts that that have run down over time, much like the effect a draining flashlight battery has on the light emitted, but the common perception of that particular phenomenon is that they fade “as is” and do not change into a visually clearer black mass.

Yet another idea is that a shadow being is just a thought form, a number of telepathic transmissions from living people that pool in an area and persist as a residual energy, that are experienced by sensitive people or non-sensitive people who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The issue with this suggestion is that shadow people seem to be aware of humans, where an unconscious telepathic sending would not.

Another hypothesis is that shadow people are from another reality or dimension who have been sent to study humanity, and that somehow they become visible to people in this reality or dimension. This particular hypothesis has also been applied to extraterrestrial visitation, only in this case no loss of time has so far been reported.

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