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The Investigation

Safety first, if a structure or an area looks dangerous, then avoid it don’t climb rickety ladders or unstable staircases. Don’t walk on rotted floorboards or wade into half-flooded basements. Don’t touch bare wires.

When placing equipment, make sure it’s away from electrical and magnetic sources such as breaker boxes or stereo speakers.

Try to get double coverage on a room or specific location: two cameras, two audio recording devices, one of each, etc.

When experiencing something, it’s good draw another investigators attention to it, but without revealing anything in particular to them. Some people are very susceptible to the power of suggestion and could easily be influenced.

Turn off cell phones while conducting an investigation.

Don’t – Be afraid, there is nothing to be afraid of. Ghosts and spirits are unlikely to harm you.

Eat, drink or smoke on site. If you must take a break for a cigarette or munchies, or grab a coffee, do it well away from where your fellow investigators are working.

Drink alcohol, or take any other perception altering substance (including some prescription drugs) before or during the investigation.

Fail to show up. If you have been asked to investigate a location, be there when you said you would be.

Wear perfumes, scents, colognes or anything else that has a strong odour.

Run or scream, no matter how spooked you get. Leave the location if you become startled or uncomfortable, but do so as calmly as possible, preferably escorted by another team member.

Bring absolutely all your kit. Work out ahead of time what you’ll need and make sure you aren’t overburdened with equipment.

Put off doing evidence review. Otherwise it just mounts up.

Behave unprofessionally in front of the client or site owners.

Shirk your share of the work after the investigation.

Go alone.Basic Equipment

The equipment needed for a paranormal investigation is not as extensive as you might think. Harry Price managed with nothing more than stationery and a torch! However we are in the early part of the 21st Century so here goes;

Pens, pencils and paper, Flashlight, Digital Camera, Film Camera, Video Camera, EMF meter, Two way radios, Candles and matches or a wind-up flashlight, A watch, Tape and or digital voice recorders, Mobile phone, First aid kit

And (although already covered above) don’t forget spare everything for any devices you have at least twice over!!!Processing and Publishing Data

OK, we are almost done and this is arguably the shortest bit ……to write about that is! You’ve had the fun of the investigation and now there’s work to be done. This work consists of:

Evidence review; reviewing video footage, photographs, and EVP. – ALL GROUP MEMBERS
Producing reports and getting those reports on to the website with the appropriate copyright notice with all links and evidence. – ELECTED GROUP MEMBER(S)
Researching anything that appeared “unusual” when compared to the pre-investigation research or differed from the expected phenomena. – ELECTED GROUP MEMBER(S)

Agreeing, arranging and researching the next investigation. – ELECTED GROUP MEMBER(S)

Production; editing of audio and video etc. – ELECTED GROUP MEMBER(S)

If you’re still up for being a Paranormal Investigator and Ghost Hunter we’ll cover the finer points as we go!

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