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Poltergeist Caught on Camera 2

Whatever really happened in Enfield on the fifteenth of December nineteen seventy seven, several witnesses undoubtedly saw a good deal they could not explain.

Several other members of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), in addition to chief investigator Maurice Grosse, David Robertson and Guy Lyon Playfair, made visits to the Enfield house during the case, but almost none of them witnessed anything they considered paranormal. This inevitably led some of them to cast doubts on the evidence presented by Grosse and myself at the nineteen seventy eight SPR international conference in Cambridge, and subsequently led to considerable controversy about the case.

How good is the evidence for the reality of the Enfield poltergeist? Whatever its quality, which ranges from unverifiable subjective reports of ‘apparitions’ to signed written statements by a number of responsible people, it cannot be denied that more documentary evidence was gathered on this case than on any previous one of its type. About two hundred hours of tape recording were made, and a special committee of the SPR carried out a lengthy follow-up investigation, during which most of the principal witnesses were re- questioned.

The visual proof has tended to add to the contention revolving around the situation, while a great deal of it is not wholly up to expert standards. Professional photographer Graham Morris invested much of his spare time in the house, over a time frame of several weeks, aspiring to document paranormal phenomena as it occurred, and two of the numerous sequences he secured on his remote controlled motor-driven camera are of distinct interest.

One reveals two pillows, one of that is in mid-air as well as the other on the floor, but still, plainly, moving. The other displays Janet’s bedding apparently being dragged off her, while at the very same moment the curtain next to her bed winds into a tight coil and appears to waft into the bedroom – despite the fact that the window at the rear of it was without a doubt shut.

This kind of curtain-twisting spectacle was seen a number of times by Janet– who asserted that it once twined itself around her throat as though attempting to strangulate her – as well as by her mom. Whom, it should be stressed, was willing at all times to expose her child if she were found to be engaging in practical jokes, as she on occasion was later in the case.

Whilst collecting the proof (and also doing their utmost to terminate the phenomena for the whole family’s sake), the researchers made what endeavours they could to acquire proof of some scientific worth. Along with the co-operation of one of The United Kingdom’s reputable phoneticians, Maurice Grosse succeeded in recording Janet’s low-pitched vocalization on a laryngograph, a device which records patterns created by radio signals when they pass through the vocal cords. The outcomes verified the things a speech therapist had formerly assumed: that the deep vocalization wasn’t generated through Janet’s ordinary vocal system, but by means of the so-called false vocal folds. Performers can were taught to talk using these (to deliver a raspy voice, for example), however, for the majority of folks it is a disagreeable activity. Nevertheless Janet, or the spirit, could easily manage to keep it up for a couple of hours without having her ordinary voice becoming impaired in any way. Unusually deep voices emerging from juvenile girls are an acknowledged manifestation of poltergeist manifestations.

At Enfield the nearest the researchers came to a suitably managed scientific experiment was David Robertson’s psychic metal bending test. He fastened a sample of metal to a stress gauge and also a chart recorder, to ensure that any stress on the metal should be documented on paper. In the course of the two-hour procedure, when Janet was under ongoing supervision and not actually handling the metal, a number of sharp deflections appeared on the graph. Robertson observed the metal bend through approximately one hundred and fifty degrees right before it ultimately broke in two. In nineteen eighty two, four years following the Enfield poltergeist disruptions had ceased, Janet participated in a rigorously regulated laboratory experiment at Birkbeck College, London, monitored by Professor J. B. Hasted, chief of the physics department, and witnessed by four others including Robertson and Grosse.

The goal of the experiment, that was actually one of a sequence utilizing a range of different guinea pigs, was simply to investigate the chance that particular individuals might reduce weight paranormally – a peculiarity which, if legitimate, is plainly relevant to that of levitation, and given that Janet had previously been recorded as having actually defied gravity, she looked to be an obvious selection as a test subject.

Actually, the short surges on the graph were definitely very much the same to those captured in the course of successful metal bending sessions with other subjects. Regardless of the reason, Janet appears to have had a mysterious influence on the weight gauge.

it’s pleasing that some constructive outcomes have materialized out of the detrimental confusion coming from the Enfield poltergeist situation, that placed a heavy stress on both the Hodgson household and the SPR researchers that endured with them up until the phenomena stopped in October nineteen seventy eight. If potential poltergeist victims are as co-operative as the Hodgson’s, and researchers adopt the lead of the likes of Professor Hasted, we will definitely find out more in connection with just how the human brain could, in special conditions, appear to impact solid matter.

Now.. You might think that, that was the end of the Enfield poltergeist saga! But whilst Sky were filming “The Enfield Poltergeist” that aired on the third of May twenty fifteen they had some problems…

For me, this was the icing on the poltergeist cake!

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