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Cyclic and Recurring Ghosts

These ghosts recur at regular time intervals, and by far and away the most prevalent cycle is a year. There an exceptional quantity of ghosts that are reported to recur on a twelve monthly cycle it’s, as if they need the year to build up an adequate amount of energy to appear all over again.

One particular difficulty with ghost sightings and ghost hunting is the fascination and the power of the human mind.

If we visit somewhere that we know is said to be haunted and a ghostly figure of for example, a white lady, has been seen there each 28th of February, when we go on that date we are half-way towards seeing such a figure before we even get there.

The human brain being what it is prepares us for the unexpected, and our imagination does the rest. It is all too easy to see and hear what we subconsciously want to see and to hear.

In every investigation of recurring phenomena it is important that the investigator is accompanied by an unbiased observer who has no information about the reported phenomena and the date and time it is believed to surface.

Perhaps even then a witness account will not be fool-proof because it’s just possible that the investigator thinks about the ghostly appearance and telepathically, transmits such thoughts to his companion.

Potentially the best idea is to visit the location with the associate a few nights in advance of the date of the reputed phenomena and after that arrange for the associate to re-visit the location with another unbiased observer who’s got no previous knowledge of the haunting.

Nonetheless not surprisingly telepathic communication involving the observer and the original investigator is possible, but it’s never feasible to get rid of telepathic communication entirely from ghost hunting; it’s possible that some ghosts aren’t anything more than psychic recordings which are disseminated from one psyche to another.

Cyclic ghosts or pattern hauntings present substantial possibilities for investigating, of course, if persistent research appears to establish the cyclic aspect every effort ought to be made to enlist the co-operation of an recognized agency, to ensure that consistent, appropriate, legitimate and scientific documentation can be produced relating to the incident.

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