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Survival of Death

This would probably be the most plausible solution to a number of ghostly apparitions; certainly in a number of instances this appears to end up being the only explanation possible.

Survival of some component of the actual intelligence of a number of individuals appears most likely in view of the available information, particularly with regard to a somewhat limited period of time; and this survival, short-term or everlasting, would certainly of course clarify quite a few of the evidenced cases regarding evidence of existence after dying that is to be found by the true quester after truth amongst the files of spiritualism and its followers.

Where ghost hunting and paranormal investigations are involved, the actual ghosts or spirits that would suggest life after dying are best examined with the co-operation of dedicated but open- minded spiritualists that tend to be mindful of the numerous stumbling blocks which await the unwary in attempting to find proof of survival after dying and do not unquestioningly accept any indications that might emerge.

Unfortunately it is this investigators experience that most spiritualists are content to be so in name but not in any practical sense.

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