Variations: The Twelve Sovereign Principles

Born the son of Kashyapa and Aditi, the mother of all gods, Adityas (“Progeny of Aditi”) is one of a cadre of sun gods. Originally there were only seven of them, but later their ranks were expanded to twelve to correspond to the months of the year.

Adityas falls under the domain of the Devas, a generic Hindu term for divine beings. He is represented as the spokes in the Wheel of Time and is symbolic for the laws that rule the human society and the universe.

Dwelling in the sky, these sovereign principles move about in pairs of even numbers and protect against diseases.


Apollonius of Tyana’s Nuctemeron (Night Illuminated by Day) lists Adjuchas as a demon or DJINN. He has power over rocks and is one of the seven demons of the eleventh hour.


Variations: Adernahael, Adnakhiel, Advachiel (“happiness of God”)

Enochian lore and medieval demonology has Adnachiel as the demon of the constellation Sagittarius. He is most powerful during the month of November.


Adon (“lord” or “mighty”) is one of the one hundred and eleven SERVITORS OF AMAYMON, ARITON, ORIENS, AND PAYMON (see AMAYMON, ARITON, ORIENS, and PAYMON) in Mather’s translation of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage.


A duke or steward in service to MEPHISTOPHELES, Adonides (“garden” or “plant”) is considered to be a lesser demon in the hierarchy of Hell.

On occasion he is listed as being the husband of Venus, the goddess of adultery.


Adonis is a devil from the demonology of the ancient Middle East.


Variations: Adramalek, Adramelec

Originally Adramaleck was a Samarian deity and in Assyria where he was worshipped, children were sacrificed to him by being burned alive upon his altars.

Considered to be an ARCHDEMON or devil, he is now said to be in the service of ASMODEUS. When summoned, he appears as a mule or peacock.

Adramaleck holds many titles and positions in the hierarchy of Hell, such as Chancellor of Infernal Regions, Chancellor of the Grand Cross ORDER OF THE FLY, Commander of Hell, King of Fire, President of the Council, Prince of Fire, and the Superintendent of the Wardrobe.


Variations: Adar- malik, Adramalek, Adrameleck,

Adramelek, Adrammelech (“magnificence of the King”), the King of Fire In Syria, Adramelech (“Wing King”) was a Samarian sun god worshipped by the Sepharvites.

Children were sacrificed to him. Later his name was demonized in Judeo- Christian tradition. He was placed in service under SAMMAEL, the angel of poison, and given a plethora of rank and titles such as Chancellor of Hell, Chancellor of the High Council, Evil Chief of Hod, Grand Chancellor of Hell, Grand Chancellor of the Infernal Empire, Minister of Beelzebub’s Order of the Fly, President of the High Council, President of the Senate of the Demons, Superintendent of the DEVIL’s Wardrobe, Supervisor of SATAN’s Wardrobe, and one of those who presides over the Devil’s general council.

Adramelech is now described as being one of the FALLEN ANGELS, formerly of the Order of Archangels; so technically, he is an ARCHDEMON who has dominion over the hierarchy known as SAMAEL. He is also one of the ten evil sephiroths as well as the patron demon of hypocrisy.

In art he is shown as having a human head and torso, but the body of a mule or sometimes of a peacock.

His personal adversaries are the angels Uriel and Raphael (“healing one of God”), not to be confused with the demon URIEL. Adramelech is the evil counterpart to one of the divine SEPHIROTHS, Hod.

He has many similarities to the demon ADRAMALECK.