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Other Possible Explanations

Some other feasible answers with regard to numerous ghosts along with haunting phenomena include Time-Slips in which, for a few moments a previous scene can be replayed in the current time period; Psychic resonances in which the actual audio associated with a number of previous occurrences recurs without any visible element; and Animal Spirits that, if we are of the viewpoint that ghosts associated with human beings are spirit forms or in any way reflect an existence following dying, must force us into having a completely different look at some apparitions.

Now there is actually very good evidence with regard to ghostly horses and dogs, tales of which tend to be particularly widespread in the United States, Europe and many parts of The African continent as The united kingdom, but there are also, it appears, ghost cats, cows, sheep and wild animals too – birds, squirrels, bears, deer – and far more than can be listed here .

Airborne Phenomena is a somewhat recent category of ghostly phenomena there are scores of supposedly haunted airfields (where a number of remarkable recordings have been acquired), and dozens of documented appearances of deceased pilots, and redundant airplanes (aural and visible), as well as other psychic phenomena which contradicts plausible explanation, like spirit voices over heard by fliers; including record-breaking Sheila Scott who has claimed that ghost or spirit voices that saved her life.

This is certainly not a comprehensive checklist of the various sorts of ghosts that paranormal investigators might come across, but the majority of documented ghosts will probably be in one of these categorizations.

There are undoubtedly additional probable answers, not neglecting the possibility that they are all thought processes phenomena like telepathy or mental illness and don’t occur outside of the heads of those that observe them – it is feasible, but only just bearing in mind the actual accessible facts about this subject.

Neither should it be overlooked that these are merely passing suggestions, definitely not rigid categories, and that there are many instances of Combined phenomena as well as cases where there is overlapping and mingling of one particular kind of phenomena and a seemingly completely different kind of phenomena, absolutely nothing is actually yet distinct, well defined or clear-cut in this particular area of research and developing your own categorising system is probably a good idea and just as valid as any set up by larger organisations.

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