Adrastaeia is an AERIAL DEVIL who has the ability to fashion for himself a solid body out of the air. He flies through the air but keeps close to humans. Easily summoned by sorcerers, Adrastaeia is susceptible to the same passions that drive mankind.

In addition to being able to take nearly any form he chooses, Adrastaeia causes natural disasters.


Variations: Hadraniel

According to both Enochian and Jewish lore, Adriel (“Flock of God”) is one of the Angels of Death, along with Azrael (“help of God”), Bebriel, and Hemeh. He is also one of the twenty eight demonic rulers of the lunar mansions; he has dominion over Alchil (“Crown of Scorpio”).

Adriel is also said to assist sailors and strengthen buildings.


In the demonology of the Lugbara people who live along the West Nile River in Uganda, Adro is an evil earth spirit who starts grass fires and causes sickness in adolescent girls. He swims throughout the rivers of the world.


In Apollonius of Tyana’s Nuctemeron (Night Illuminated by Day), Aeglun is said to be the demon or DJINN of lightning. He is one of the seven demons of the eleventh hour.

Aeriae Potestates

The aeriae potestates (“Aerial Powers”) are from Enochian lore and of the sixth order of demons that fall under the dominion of MERIZIM. Considered to be a type of AERIAL DEVIL, they have under their command the four Angels of the Apocalypse. Aeriae potestates have the ability to cause storms at sea, and the thunder and lightning they create causes pestilence.

They are furious by nature and constantly raging in the air.

Aerial Devil

Variations: Sylphs

The Medieval theologian Friar Francesco Maria Guazzo described in his Compendium Maleficarum (1628) the nature of aerial devils. He defined them as being invisible servitors, spirits under the command of the Devil.

In constant communication with Hell, they swarm invisibly through the spirit world and have been known to conspire with evil men. The enemy of all mankind, they use their powers to create natural disasters, shipwrecks, and violent storms.

They also have the ability to create solid bodies for themselves from the very air, which they will use to grab up a victim and shake violently, all the while yelling out his sins, both real and imagined, for all to hear.

Immortal, invisible shape- shifters, they inspire man to question his faith, commit foolish actions, and create slander.

Aerial devils are, however, susceptible to the passions of mankind and are easily invoked by sorcerers because even though they live in the spirit realm, they stay in the air around humans as much as they possibly can.

This species of demon takes a special delight with the obscenities of the theater and the wild hyperbole of poets.


Variations: Aesma, “fiend of the wounding spear”

There are records of Persian lore dating back 3,000 years that mention the demon of fury and wrath, Aeshma. Described as being a small and hairy demon, he excels at making men perform acts of cruelty and destruction.

Said to be one of the seven archangels of the Persians, Aeshma’s personal adversary is the angel of Obedience, Sraosha (“Lightning”).

Aesma Daeva

Variations: Aesma, AESHMA, Ashmadai, ASMODEUS, Æshma- deva

In Persian demonology Aesma Daeva (“covetous demon,” “fury,” “madness”) is the king of demons. A species of DAEVAS, he is the personification of the only thing he loves: conflict, violence, and war.

The demon of anger, fury, lust,revenge, and wrath, it is not uncommon for him to vent his aggression on herds of cattle. With the demon ASTO VIDATU, they chase the souls of the newly departed as they try to rise up to Heaven.

Aesma Daeva’s personal adversary is the angel of Obedience, Sraosha (“Lightning”).