Demons, Dark Angels and…God?

We are about to embark on a journey into the realm of evil spirits! Or are we? As with other areas of the paranormal or supernatural there are no clear defining lines, and the further you delve the more blurred the lines become.

It has to be remembered that it is the victors who write (distort?) the facts of historical events deliberately obfuscating any facts they don’t like, and inventing others in order to mislead the masses. The Abrahamic religions have proved themselves particularly adept at this.

As you continue to investigate this fascinating topic you will find that all angels aren’t good and that all demons aren’t evil. Where the Abrahamic religions hold sway, anything that doesn’t fit with their doctrines (or can’t be forced to fit) has been demonised, frequently resulting in the murder, torture and genocide of innocent people, more often than not women and girls. This blurs the lines even further.

Then we have the question of origin. Where did these demons and dark angels come from? The answer to this is really very simple if you believe the Abrahamic religions. Everything comes from “God”, so this god of theirs owns both the good and the evil. Which leads on very nicely to the other origin question. Where did “God” come from?

I believe that there is every chance that “God” is an Egregore. If this was ever proved to be the case, it would be highly likely that the angels, devils, demons and other beings associated with it would also be egregore in nature, meaning that; Man made God (and the rest) in his own image, not the other way around!

This would be a good news bad news scenario. The bad news being that they all exist and therefore pose a real danger to the world and to humans in particular. The good news being that they are capable of cancelling each other out and that we could play one side against the other, depending on what the prevailing circumstances dictated.

Prepare now to have your eyes opened a little wider along with your mind. As you explore further put yourself in the shoes of some of the fallen angels. Would you care to be dictated to about who you could or couldn’t love? If you came across someone deserving that you could teach, and help them to improve their own lot and that of their people would you do it? Even if your boss said not to?

Then look at some of the demands made and punishments inflicted by this “God”. Is this reasonable behaviour? Is it the behaviour befitting of one who is a supposedly all loving, forgiving, divine and wise being? Or is it perhaps the behaviour of a power mad dictator? Is it perhaps the behaviour of one who is so terrified that it may lose its power that it uses terror and death to hold on at any cost?

The behaviours described above are those used by human dictators like Kim Jong Un, and if Man really did create this “God” in his own image, an egregore it would explain a lot including the uncaring way in which this supposed deity treats the world and its inhabitants.

Putting it more simply, which is the more evil? Those painted as such? Or those that did the painting?

Moving on… in this area of the site you will find descriptions and characteristics of individual demons and dark angels. And descriptions of types of demon from all over the world, and their characteristics, with a view of reflecting today’s multicultural society.

I sincerely hope that you never come across any of them in the course of your paranormal activities.