The Metaphysical (Paranormal) Dangers Faced by Paranormal Investigators

There are very real metaphysical dangers to paranormal investigations, these dangers should not be taken lightly. In some cases the phenomena we are seeking are present, and sometimes they can and will follow investigators at the end of the investigation, and this is where the risks come in.

Entities such as demons and spirits may become attached to you. If the spirit is a good positive entity then you probably wouldn’t notice the attachment, But if you were unfortunate enough to pick up a negative or evil entity things can go down hill very quickly.

A negative entity will try to win you over by being helpful and claiming to be the spirit of a loved one, ore someone who died under tragic circumstances duping the investigator into trusting it. This provides the negative entity with the energy needed to start the process of oppression.

Oppression is the gradual breaking down of the will of the victim by paranormal or metaphysical means, it starts with gaining the full trust of the investigator, and as its power grows it uses terror, sleep deprivation, hallucination and powerful paranormal phenomena to break down the paranormal investigators spiritual defences and their physical and mental health. Many paranormal investigators believe that the ultimate objective of the entity is a

complete possession of the victim.

During the oppression process the victim and once paranormal investigator can:

Claim to hear voices, not just on EVP recording devices or with ITC equipment but as actual real time auditory phenomena.

Display personality changes

Cut themselves off from friends and family

And those are just a few of the symptoms of oppression, of course it could be argued that the victim was just the victim of explainable mental illness aggravated by undertaking paranormal investigations, but why take the risk of exposing yourself to possible oppression? Or Worse Possession? Condemning yourself to a life of perceived mental illness and your family and friends to loss.

It is relatively simple to protect against such occurrences by following a few simple guidelines:

Your faith is your first and best line of defence against these metaphysical dangers. Always open and close and investigation as you would a séance, with an opening and closing prayer of protection. Thank the spirits for their cooperation and tell them they must not follow you.

Smudge yourself, your fellow investigators and any equipment used in the investigation with white sage – remember that people, objects and buildings are all capable of being haunted or attached.

Wear a symbol your faith and if possible have it blessed by a qualified member of your religion.

If you have a minister on your team, get him to bless everyone. Use a blessing circle so the minister gets blessed too.

As responsible, experienced and professional investigators it is the duty of all of us to warn and educate the general public of the dangers of paranormal investigations and ghost hunts. While we would never dream of telling anyone not to undertake these activities, we urge you to do them safely, being mindful of the metaphysical dangers.

Remember that certain people are more sensitive to paranormal phenomena than others, keep an eye on each other with regular checks about how people are feeling physically, mentally and emotionally. Or putting it another way be aware of the metaphysical dangers at all times, don’t be blasé and pay a terrible price.