Pendulum Dowsing

An Introduction to Pendulum Dowsing

You will need a stone or crystal which is able to swing freely from a chain or a piece of string. To calibrate the pendulum you will need to hold this above a neutral surface and ask it a question with the answer being yes.

Watch the pendulums reaction. This us your ‘yes’ answer. It can swing left to right, in a clockwise or anti clockwise circle, that’s yes. If you then ask a no question you will hopefully get an alternative response.

The pendulum method is used to answer yes or no questions and can be used for missing people, objects and locating places.

If you are using the pendulum in conjunction with a map, a missing person or an object let the pendulum swing above the map or picture as you ask a yes or no question.

Dowsing Card Experiment Using a Pendulum

This experiment is similar to the way you can use an Ouija board.

Place several cards with answers on (faced up) with a blank space in the middle. Ensure that you are feeling relaxed before continuing (a few moments of meditation may help) whilst the ideomotor effect takes effect.

With the pendulum hovering above the blank space in between the answers, ask a question out loud. Has the pendulum reacted to your card?

You can test this again by changing the answers on the cards and turning it face down to really test the effectiveness of this method.

Don’t be disheartened by the dowsing method if you get the wrong result, this may not be the right method for your abilities.

The historical art of dowsing is supported by many believers and skeptics throughout the world so why not have a go and make up your mind, what have you got to lose? Let’s get dowsing!