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Types of Ghosts
A Different Paranormal Perspective

After some years of investigating ghosts and also those who observe them, the locations they are seen, as well as the circumstances under which they may be seen, there’s just one factor I’m completely sure of, and that’s that there presently exist numerous kinds of ghosts, and that sometimes these types coincide with other types of phenomena and that you will find combined hauntings in which the active influence may not be simply classified.

Atmospheric Apparitions

Considerable evidence exists, from just about all over the world, over hundreds of years, to advocate that specific events, often though not always unpleasant happenings, once in a while imprint energies within or upon an atmosphere of general vicinity at which the event took place.

Perhaps weather conditions during the time played a part in causing this bizarre occurrence, perhaps the company of a specific kind of individual is required, or even that these kinds of happenings continue as light waves, impressed and resonating for countless years, potentially permanently, being sensed or observed or perhaps encountered by a few people that are undoubtedly find themselves in the right (or perhaps wrong) place at the time.

It has been observed that these ghost impressions are generally not reported in any high wind conditions; such phenomena could possibly be classed Atmospheric Apparitions.

Perhaps it is that on exceptional and infrequent periods an especially violent, emotional or shocking happening emits an electrical imprint that remains, and it has been pointed out that these kinds of ghosts are invariably observed in the same location, performing the exact same thing, typically, they appear utterly unaware of the existence of humans, and whenever they’ve been approached; thus (in all probability) changing the perspective needed for viewing them, they just vanish.

These kinds of ghosts or perhaps mind impression phenomena could possibly be subconsciously fuelled by folks witnessing them, from the decreased heat level that people who observe these kinds of apparitions pretty much inevitably encounter or by a combination of both.

Frequently these visible ghosts can be coupled with appropriate noises: footsteps, the sound of clothes, the clank of chains, and more.

Fascinatingly these kinds of ghosts finally diminish, commonly appearing misty or translucent before finally vanishing entirely, and yet many times the noises associated with the spectre remains a number of years before it too becomes diminished and eventually stops.

In certain cases these ghostly phenomena create a very noticeable large-scale replay, for instance a ghostly army enacting an historical battle or soldiers on the march.

Commonly they have a tendency for becoming less noticeable and finally vanish completely over time, much like a power cell slowly draining.

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